Post Sunday, 6th September 2015, 06:03

Just started building crawl, random freezes

Hey, so I'm very mystified about what's going on. I followed the install.txt instructions, got the sourcecode compiled for windows using the mingw instructions, and have been using start crawl to run it. Unfortunately about 70% of the time the game will freeze my entire computer after either selecting a background or sometimes after selecting a weapon, forcing me to force shutdown, I can't even cntrl-alt-delete. If it does get past that point it runs perfectly, though

So I'm pretty confused right now. It's not the greatest computer but it certainly can run crawl. Any idea what might be the problem?

Edit: the only things I've done so far are create a branch, and commited some minor code (e.g. raising a spell's level) but the problem occurs even after reverting every commit I've made on the branch.

Edit: ah nvm I see. I think this was just happening because the game goes totally bonkers when trying to delete an invalid save game or something. It's not having a problem with new characters.