Begginers Questions On Modding

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Begginers Questions On Modding

Do to the fact my computer can barley run itself, and I cannot seem to get myself to play a game I am currently modding, I have been playing DCSS a lot over the past few years. It has come to the point as with all other games I play, that I want to change an overwhelming amount of stuff. I have no Idea where to begin on modding and no idea which board to post on. The stuff I want to mod in is text wall so I will not be posting it here. The questions I would like to ask are:

- What programs would I need to read and change DCSS?
- IS there any documentation (Preferably PDF's) on Modding DCSS?
- Where should I start.
- How to mod; ALL items, AI, Dungeon Layout, Game interface, Screen size, Etc
- Is there a way to convert Pathfinder rules to DCSS?
- With the right programs is it as easy to mod as DF?

I have no idea of this forums etiquette so if you want me to GTFO I understand.
My responses will be extremely slow as I do not have a personal internet connection.

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Re: Begginers Questions On Modding

Crawl doesn't expressly support modding, but it's an open-source project written in c++, so you can alter the project however you want. Crawl is sourced in git, so you'll most likely want to get git, fetch the crawl repository, and get a way to compile c++. The file INSTALL.TXT in the repository has instructions on how to compile crawl in various operating systems.

Converting crawl to use Pathfinder would be a massive undertaking, but it's not inconceivable. I'd recommend starting smaller to get your feet under you.

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Re: Begginers Questions On Modding

Lasty wrote:Crawl doesn't expressly support modding, but it's an open-source project written in c++, so you can alter the project however you want. Crawl is sourced in git, so you'll most likely want to get git, fetch the crawl repository, and get a way to compile c++. The file INSTALL.TXT in the repository has instructions on how to compile crawl in various operating systems.

Converting crawl to use Pathfinder would be a massive undertaking, but it's not inconceivable. I'd recommend starting smaller to get your feet under you.

Can git and c++ be put on a usb? My working computer is offline so all programs and files need to be transfered via USB. Downloading a downloader to download somthing is a no-go, A direct download of a program is needed. Also what written material/Manuals have been written on the afore mentioned progarams and Crawl? I need offline access to learning and example materials.

If you want I can paste the text wall of plans (33kb of .txt) as a code to save room and eyes. But be warned - I made it mostly for myself; it is unedited. I imagine if I am unable to start the programing you guys might appreciate the ideas.

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Re: Begginers Questions On Modding

Overall I would say that Crawl is extremely hard to mod in the traditional sense, mostly because data such as monster and item stats are not separated from code and because it is continuously being developed. No data separation means that small changes within the scope of the mechanics of the game aren't much easier to make than sweeping changes to the underlying mechanics. Continuous development means that any changes you make will soon be obsolete, and anyone who likes what you are doing will have to play an old version of the game. On the other hand you can access all of the code and change it in any way you want, so the possibilities are literally endless. With the right skills and enough time you can take Crawl and turn it into something completely different.

One part of the game where modding Crawl in the traditional way is possible and quite easy is map generation. Changing the basic level layouts can be difficult, because they are pretty complex and many of them do not actually use the map data format but are written directly in C++. But Crawl also uses lots of fixed parts called "vaults" for generating its maps, and those are pretty easy to change. This includes little snippets used as parts of larger maps as well as branch ends and portal vaults. You could also try to make a new sprint map. Check out the dat/des subfolder of your Crawl directory for lots of examples. You can open the files with a text editor and change them, and the changes will immediately apply to newly generated maps once you restart the game. Documentation for the map format should also be somewhere in your crawl folder, if it is not you can find it here.

While I advise against trying to make major changes to the source in your case, here are the answers to your questions about getting the crawl source and the necessary build tools offline:

It is possible to use git offline purely for version control (read up on what git does here if you want), but you cant use it offline to get and update the source. But you can download the source for released versions directly from here or for development versions from here (via the "snapshot" links). Without internet access you would probably want to use a stable version such as 0.16.1 as a base for modding. Unlike some other games which use a dedicated database for their data (monster stats, item stats, etc), crawl keeps almost all of its data within the actual game code. So it will be nearly impossible to transfer your changes to a newer version, especially if you don't use git.

C++ build tools can be put on a stick and installed offline, but it can be difficult to get them running on windows. If you don't already know C++ or at least C or another similar programming language (Java or something) it will be very difficult to make any changes to Crawl, especially without internet access. C++ is one of the most used programming languages, so lots of learning material exists. The best way to learn about crawl code specifically is to look at some of the changes the devs are making to the code. This requires internet access. But both C++ and Crawl code are pretty terrible for learning how to code, so if you don't already have most of the necessary skills it might be better to start somewhere else.

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Re: Begginers Questions On Modding

It is somewhat frustrating that crawl is so challenging to mod; it seems such a simple program on the surface. I guess I will download C++ and mess around with the coding when bored. It is unlikely it will go anywhere though. I thank all you guys for your help, it is highly appreciated. This will probably be the end of this thread so feel free to let it die. I don't really have anything to offer so I'm just going to paste my list of modding ideas.


    Stone Soup Modding Ideas - *Revised*

    There is a metric shitton of ideas presented here. Only the basic ones with be modded to begin with. some of these may never be used.

    Until a few months ago I was a Lurker on /k/ and /tg/ so please exuse any inside humor/swearing/Etc; I tried to keep it as clean an nice as possible!

    ***Time Line*** (Look I actually planned a thing!)

    Start with crossbow update (I imagine weapons are relitivly easy) ( still just ideas though, needs refinement.)

    #Crossbow Update# (Many of the more exotic ones can be saved for later updates (*). If used at all.)

    Light Crossbow - +4/3/1.2/0.6 (Can Use arrows as ammo, or a seperate crossbow for that? If al all) (2H?)

    Crossbow (Medium/Vanilla) - +4/5/1.5/0.7 (2H)

    Heavy Crossbow - +4/6/2/0.8 (More power/Less Accuracy?) (Quarrels?)

    Stone Crossbow - +2/2/1.2/0.6 (Uses Stones and Sling bullets as ammunition) (2H?)

    Siege Crossbow - +3/10/2.4/0.8 (Windlass bow. or just have heavy crossbow?) (Quarrels?) (2H) (NSR) *

    Hunting Crossbow - +4/4/1.4/0.6 (Uses arrows as ammo at the expense of power) (2H) *

    Repeating Crossbow - +2/4/0.2/0.2 (More explination needed) (2H) (NSR?) *

    Lobber/Launching Crossbow (Under revision. Needs scripts for lobbing potions as well as new explosives.) *

    Hand Ballista (under revision. Uses javalins for ammo. Large races only?) (2H) (NSR) (NMR?) *

    #Hack n Slash Update# (Under revision)

    Spear-Thrower/Atlatl - Doubles range of Javalins/Throwing spears/Atlatl Darts (adds more DAM?) Same melee stats as club.

    Add Throwing spears/Atlatl darts/Harpoons *

    Change Tomahawks to Hunga Munga/Throwing axe. Add Throwing knifes, Boomerangs. *

    Make Daggers, Spears and Hatchets throwable (Add penalty?). change Hand axe to Hatchet.

    Duel wielding. (Skill or -4 weapon penalty to offset 2X damage?. Increased miss rate? Chance to F$#k self up?)

    Figure out replacement for cutlass. (Remove cutlass or change to long blade?) (Kurki? Dirk? Machete? Seax?)

    Add parrying/blocking skill?

    Short spears? Make equipped Throwing spears/Javalins/Harpoons? (Ease trasition to kobold update.)

    #Armor update# (Under revison)

    Change current Helm to Half-helm. Allow all races without large horns to use.

    Add Full-helms to balance the fact some races can now use helms.

    Add foot/shin wraps and hand wraps for races that cannot wear Boots/Gloves. No armor rating, only +1/+2 enchant

    Add Shin guards and Wrist Guards for races that cannot wear Boots/Gloves. Add Guantlets, Mail Gloves, Etc to Balance.

    Allow Draconians to alter Leather/Cloth Garments to wear using blade/claws. (EX. Cut slits for wings) (Unable with heavily enchanted armor ?)

    Make Lower body slot. Add Trowsers/Pants and Greaves. Add Loincloths, Kilts, And Mail/Plated/Banded Kilts for races with tails/Primitive races. Make Robes

    take up both slots. Make Robes rarer but more enchantable and replace with Tunics.

    To balance; Remove Robe, Cloak, and Glove armor rating.

    Add leather Gloves/Boots to replace current ones. Add leather helm/cap (Alterable for horns).

    #Kobold Update# (Under revision) (I assume races will be complicated)

    Update kobold description and parts (Add scales (+2/+1?), Tail, Possible Bite/Claw secondary/retalitory attack.)

    Colors? *

    Replace current kobold with ratfolk/skaven. *

    Remove -2 Long blade aptituide, change to +0/-1. make longswords, simitars and simular blades two handed. Make 2H swords unusable.

    Remove -2 polearms aptitude, change to -1/+0. Ethier Special pole arms (Shortspears,Etc) or only spears usable (*2H) ?. (More Explination needed.)

    Slightly lower Shortblade aptitude to compinsate for new additions.

    Pathfinder style tail weapons ??? *


    Creatures of your race are less likely to attack you, and more likey to become friendly. If settelments added you will be welcome in a town of your race.

    Race hatred levels (Ex. Gnomes hate kobolds, Dragons are indiffrent; unless you take their stuff/tresspass.

    Surrendering/Submissive actions: Creatures possibly will not kill you. Could be implimented using a price system dependent on circumstances and creature (EX.

    surrender to goblins, They beat the shit out of you leaving xx HP and take all your stuff) or (Surrender to Dragon and it takes all your gold and magical

    items. Unlikley; the dragon will problably just kill you). Will not work on Mindless/Non-sentiant creatures. (Carisma?) More explination needed.


    Update kobolds or add seperate Scalebold/Ratbold subtypes. (Are you all lving in D&D 1st edition noglastia?)(Replace current ratbold with skaven?)

    Remove Kobold and smaller creature penlties with certain weapons; instead penilize larger weapons and make weapons like longswords two-handed and two-handed

    weapons unusable. Add short spears. Traps.

    Add gnolls, ratfolk/skaven. lizardmen, gnomes and other standard fantasy standbys as races.


    Atrificer should have wand merge ability, to charge a wand with another wand of the same type/or not. Spell to charge wands? More explination needed.

    an explination why a five fingered (or slightly less) Creature can only wear two rings.(mathimatically a ten digit crature with two arms could still wear two

    more rings than a 8 limbed octopode with no digits) (Not counting other parts you could put rings on...) (I meant toes! What the hell are you thinking?!)

    A large amount of spells should bipass creatures and obsticals. Any spell that is not a projectile or beam/ray/ETC should APPEAR on target (EX. Slow, Mephic

    Cloud, Pain, etc). In the same problemb why is comrade commands have a line of fire blocked by tree error??? WTF!

    Make dazzling spray actually spray; like buckshot over multiple tile spread.

    Amulet/Scoll/Potion of revival. Exceptionally Rare. Only works once. (Ring of 9 lives, removes experiance when used? Problably not to be implimented;

    possibly game breaking.)


    Starting with a AI party? Online mulitplayer? If made complicated enough this could be an good base for RPGs. (Ex. A DM uses DCSS as a

    map,loot,heath/macic/armor/creature,Etc calculator replacing dice and saving timeand frustration.) (The Possibilities!!!)

    A altered diagnal speed; adds realistic movement. (1.4??? need to look up the equation: DF does it)

    Pricing sytem an custom startout gear/skills/spells. Or does it present another balance problemb? Yay for starting in a tavren cliche!

    Bigger screen for larger dungeons and more action text history. Why can't console have a bigger screen? Oh... right; you're are all dicking around with


    Bring back the item damage removed in last version(s). Why are you guys tring to ruin the game? Every game maker seems obbsessed with Pu**yfing all the good


    Backpacks/sacks and Portable Holes/Bags of Holding to increase storage. (Only lower case or xx weight to start. A knapsack/sachel adds uppercase or xx

    weight, A Bag of holding adds numbers and xx weight, A portable hole adds special charecters and unlimited weight. Impossible to access these during combat.)

    Bleeding makes no sense due to the fact that all cuts bleed. This error can be remedied in multiple ways; Make all edged weapons have a critical hit chance

    to cause bleed (Some more than others) and add bandages and bloodblock. Or remove bleed completely.

    Disarming feats/skill? Could be an altenate crtical hit/block. Add lanyards to prevent but takes a round to retreve weapon.

    Lockpicks/keys and locked/barricated/rusted doors. Make blocked doors breakable/hit points.(Breaking open a locked door while being attacked makes for richer

    gameplay and immersion as well as rewards stratagey: Jamming a lock on/Barricading a door could gift you time to escape.)

    Settelments: A human fortress/shanty town would problably kill a non huminoid/goblinion/undead/ECT on site well a kobold/Gobliniod town/camp/mine would

    proably attack anybody but a member of their species

    Shops sould show up in safe zones or small communities rather than it the middle of nowhere. ( Traveling merchants that can get killed by monsters???)

    Item decriptions are retained on identify (EX. A "bronze ring" Becomes "bronze ring of fire" or bronze is somewhere in the item description intstead of just

    ring of fire which is bland. (Helps with immersion which is an important factor in a graphics free game.)

    Flying Overhaul: flying should allow you to go OVER other creatures.

    Coating Weapons/Ammo with potions. (Ahlemist class?)

    Swinging a weapon in an arc is possible with many weapons, not just axes. Make it a learned skill. Make it unusable with dual weilding.

    Duel wielding but with a penelty on accuracy and speed. Also it would be easy to cut youself waving around two weapons if you have not trained a very, very

    long time with them.( Slashing blades vs thrusting? Ex Galdius vs scimitar),(Check pathfinder rules on duel weilding and alter them for game balance.)

    Economy: Have shops buy, But have them have common sense. I doubt a dungeon store would want to buy a cursed sword, or another club or a scroll of random

    uslessness, but it shocks me me that they would turn down a +6+8 astounding blade of something or another (Espessialy since a dungeon crawler would be

    desperate and problably could be scammed to sell at rock bottom prices.

    Player placed Traps. (Kobolds Have taken over the janatorial staff!!!)

    Item condition: Rust/Tarnish, Heavy corrosion and dents/nicks would be common on metal in dungeon enviroment. As would mould, dryrot and tears/splits in

    wood/cloth/leather items.

    I live on a farm. The sheep damage is COMPLETELY unrealistic.


    Face covers that are seperate from helm; Goggles of various types, bandanas/balaclavas, gas masks, Etc. (on gas masks in a primitive setting: For an non-

    magical approch - Charcoal can filter many toxic materials and various other chemicals used in modern gas masks could eaisily be found by an alcamist F%$king

    around. For a magical approch - Resoviur containing decanter of air, wall of force (or simular spell) that only lets through oxygen and various other spell

    could be adaped for this use as a general toxiant removal or for specific toxins (This would not prevent contact toxins or venoms). This would be nessisary

    do to the amounbt of magical toxic fume and plagues in this and other fantasy settings (If we had chemical wheapons in the medevial ages I am sure we would

    have developed gas masks earlier.) Also Trapped gas masks could be very, very nasty things.

    Armor/Shield materials: Bronze, Copper, Wood, Iron, ETC. Full plate is made of multiple pieces. SEVERLY damaged and partial/Mismatched suits would be common.

    Parts would get scattered in a dungeon setting. (Replace full plate with Full Helm, Gauntlets, Greaves, Shin guards, And what are those armored boots


    More sheild explination types: I like the lare teardrop shaped vikinig shield instead of square tower shields (Which provide better protection and a more

    efficant shield wall, but are heavier and slightly less maneverable.) also perfer round shields to kite sheilds even though they cover about the same Sq

    footage. bucklers bareley cover your fist: look them up. Also primitive wicker and leather shields, love the sexy oval shape!

    Lower body armor: Pants/Trousers, Kilts for Tailed/Celtic/Primitive races, Loin cloths, Skirts, Greaves, Mail/Armor Plated kilts, Thigh Guards, Etc (Robes

    and tunics, Mail Hauberks would take up lower and upper body slots.)

    Helmets/Headgear: Change Helmets to Half-Helms So Races with Beaks/Snouts can wear helmets. Add leather and possibly iron caps. Add a few kinds of Full-Helms

    to replace the standard helms some races can not wear (Kettle helms, etc). (More types of helms possible, depents on game balance and other factors.) Gas

    masks can provide resistance to effects like Mephic Cloud. Diffrent materials and item age/damage (Rust, Corrosion, Dents/Nicks) Can be advanced options.

    Feet/Hands: Foot/shin wraps and Shin Guards as foot/leg cover for races with Non-standard/Digitigrade feet. Claws would not work in gloves; add Hand wraps

    and Wristguards/Vambraces. Add Gauntlets and Mail Gloves. (Gauntlets are only cover in metal on the OUTSIDE. Any body who thinks gauntlets can make you able

    to pick up anything is in for a NASTY surprise. Lava says yolo)(random thought; what is the explination for cursed item sticking? If it sticks to your

    glove/gaunlet take the glove/gauntlet off!)

    Torso: Add Tunics and/or Rags (Makes robes less common, robes can be enchanted more.). Banded Mail/Field plate? Race specific armor for draconians (Using

    edged weapons to alter cloth and leather items is also a possibility.)

    Wooden Armor: This suit of leather armor has plates
    of fire-treated wood sewn over vital areas. Though not as
    effective as metal armor, it offers better protection than
    leather alone. Unlike metal armor, the wood is slightly
    buoyant, and the armor check penalty for swimming in
    this armor is 0.

    Armored Coat: This sturdy leather coat is reinforced with
    metal plates sewn into the lining. More cumbersome than
    light armor but less effective than most medium armors,
    the advantage of an armored coat is that a person can don
    it or remove it as a move action (there is no “don hastily”
    option for an armored coat). If worn over other armor, use
    the better AC bonus and worse value in all other categories;
    an armored coat has no effect if worn with heavy armor. The
    only magic effects that apply are those worn on top.

    Quilted Cloth: This enhanced form of padded armor (Add padded armor - AC +2?)
    has internal layers specifically designed to trap arrows,
    bolts, darts, shuriken, thrown daggers, and other small
    ranged piercing weapons. When these kinds of weapons
    strike you, they tend to become snagged in these layers
    and fail to harm you. You gain DR 3/— against attacks of
    this kind. The special layers of the armor have no effect on
    other kinds of weapons. (Crossbows will laugh in your face.)

    Barbed Vest: Thin leather flaps keep the hundreds of
    tiny, fishhook-like needles dotting the surface of this black
    vest from harming you while you wear it. However, any
    creature that injures you with a natural or unarmed attack
    must make a DC 15 Ref lex save or take 1 point of damage.
    If a creature swallows you it takes 1 point of damage each
    round until it either spits you up, you escape, or you die (at
    which point the vest has sustained enough damage to no
    longer serve as a threat). The vest can only be worn over
    light armor or no armor.


    Anti-Venom/Cure posion potion.

    Iron Spike: This foot-long iron spike is used to keep
    doors open or closed and to secure ropes for climbing.
    Hearing a spike being hammered in requires a DC 5
    Perception check.

    Campfires to smoke meat into jerky/meat ration? dried fruits - ripe fruits sitting in the middle of a dungeon would give me pause. Mouldy bread that has a xx

    chance of sickening you? Trapped/poisoned rations? Evil giggle.

    Wandermeal: This tough,
    dried cake is a halfling
    invention made from flour, water, and spices.
    Wandermeal keeps for months without spoiling, travels
    well, and fills the belly. However, eating it for over a week
    without other nutrients requires the eater to make a daily
    Fortitude saving throw (DC 15 + 1 for each additional day)
    or be sickened. The effect ends 1 day after more nutritious
    food is eaten.

    Bladeguard: This clear resin protects a weapon from
    harmful attacks from oozes, rust monsters, and similar
    things, rendering the weapon immune for 24 hours.
    One pot can coat one single two-handed weapon, two
    one-handed or light weapons, or 50 ammunition items.
    Applying it takes 1 full round. Immersing the weapon in
    water or similar liquid washes it off.

    Vermin Repellent: This vile-smelling white paste keeps
    vermin at bay if spread on the skin. Normal-sized (Fine)
    vermin avoid you. Swarms of vermin must make a DC 15
    Fortitude saving throw in order to enter your square. Once
    applied, vermin repellent remains effective for 4 hours or
    until you spend 1 round washing it off.

    Traveling Spellbook: A traveling spellbook is
    lighter and less cumbersome than its full-size counterpart.
    It has 50 pages.

    Powder: Powdered chalk, flour, and similar materials
    are popular with adventurers for their utility in
    pinpointing invisible creatures. Throwing a bag of powder
    into a square is an attack against AC 5, and momentarily
    reveals if there is an invisible creature there. A much more
    effective method is to spread powder on a surface (which
    takes 1 full round) and look for footprints. (add 1-3 rounds after throwing powder in which you can see invisible opponent - use throwing skill)

    Weapon Cord: Weapon cords are 2-foot-long leather (lanyard - look it up)
    straps that attach your weapon to your wrist. If you drop
    your weapon or are disarmed, you can recover it as a swift
    action, and it never moves any further away from you than
    an adjacent square. However, you cannot switch to a different
    weapon without first untying the cord (a full-round action) or
    cutting it (a move action or an attack, hardness 0, 0 hp). Unlike
    a locked gauntlet, you can still use a hand with a weapon cord,

    Saw: You can insert a saw between a door and its
    frame to cut through wooden bolts or bars, dealing 5
    hit points per round plus your Strength modif ier to the
    sawed object as a full-round action. Hearing the sawing
    requires a DC 10 Perception check. Saws used to cut ice
    on rivers have a point on the end to break through the
    ice before cutting.(DAM vs plants/trees)

    Smoked Goggles: These spectacles have lenses made of
    smoked glass that help protect against creatures with gaze
    attacks. You are always treated as averting your gaze when
    dealing with gaze attacks, and you gain a +8 circumstance
    bonus on saving throws against visual-based attacks (any
    attack that a blind creature would be immune to). You
    have a –4 penalty on Perception checks while wearing
    the goggles, and all opponents are treated as having
    concealment (20% miss chance). ( F*&K you giant eyes)

    Anvil: While anvil sizes vary depending on the
    type of smithing for which they are used, all anvils have
    the same basic shape and construction. Blacksmith
    anvils are typically much heavier and larger (100
    pounds) than farrier anvils (50 pounds), and they in
    turn are much bigger than silver- or goldsmith anvils
    (10 pounds). Many metalworking tasks are impossible
    without the proper anvil.
    (add portable and stationary for repair work? dwarven god that has anvil as altar?)

    Furs: The most basic of cold-weather gear,
    animal furs serve to keep their wearers warm.
    Wearing enough fur to cover the body provides a +2 bonus
    on Fortitude saves to resist cold weather. This does not
    stack with any bonuses gained from Survival.

    Dwarven Stout: More a family of beers than
    one single drink, dwarven stout is known
    by different names around the Inner Sea.
    Dwarven stouts are dark beers characterized
    by a slightly burnt flavor and a foamy head;
    they are said to be as filling as a meal.

    Whetstone: Honing a blade with a whetstone
    requires about 15 minutes of work and grants
    the weapon a +1 bonus on your damage roll
    the first time you hit with it. This only works on
    nonmagical blades. (Also could be used for repair work)
    (Only one hit? Only if you hit metal or stone. Enough hits without sharpening would render a sword into a flimsy club.)

    Furs: The most basic of cold-weather gear, animal furs
    serve to keep their wearers warm. Wearing enough fur to
    cover the body provides a +2 bonus on Fortitude saves to
    resist cold weather. (Cold attack resistance +1?)


    Replace exploding darts with bombs; up DAM and item rarity. (Moranath Munitions? Incendiary, Shrapnel, Smoke, Concussion, Shaped for breaching)

    Fuse Grenade: This hollow clay container holds a
    small charge of explosive power and a slow burning fuse.
    Lighting the fuse is a move action; 1d3 rounds later the
    grenade explodes, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage
    and 1d6 fire damage in a 10-foot burst (DC 15 Reflex
    save for half ). You throw a fuse grenade as if it were a
    splash weapon.

    Make daggers and hatchets throwable again.

    Damage to weapon if roll 1? Hiliarous critical fails a go!

    If steel is an upgrade are most things iron? Add primitive meatals like copper, bronze, flint/stone, Bone, ETC. Advanced metals like adamantine, mithal, Etc.

    Make certine metals more enchantable than others. bronze is weak but makes up for it by being more enchantable than iron. iron hardest to enchant, but has

    slight anti-magic qualities. Silver is also weak but as enchantable as mithral, hurts evil/chaos. More explination/revision needed.

    Make Crossbows, Blowguns and Firearms use Marksman skill; or give blowguns their own skill.

    Pick axes/Mattock, War picks? Like wand of digging but takes a really, really long time.

    Crossbows: Add Light/Heavy crossbows in addition to standard. Stone crossbows for Stones/Sling Bullets and Lobber Crossbows for splash potion effects (To

    make use of currently useless poison/confusion/paralisis potions) and to launch munitions farther. Add Quarrels for Siege/Heavy Crossbow? Use Seige crossbow

    as alias for windlass crossbow. Possibly add repeating crossbows and reloading devices, such as goatsfoot levers, Cranquins and windlasses.
    To balance Massive damage reload times on larger crossbows WILL kill you if stratagy is not used.

    Hunga Munga: multi bladed african throwing knife. When hatchets are throwable again this will replace tomahawks.

    Launching Crossbow: This stubby-looking crossbow
    has a cup-like attachment rather than a groove for a
    bolt. It is designed to launch splash weapons. Loading
    a launching crossbow is a full-round action.

    Pilum: This tip of this heavy javelin is designed to
    break off and imbed itself into a shield once it reaches its
    target. Like ammunition, a thrown pilum that hits its
    target is destroyed. If you hit an shield-using opponent
    with a pilum, he loses the AC bonus from that shield
    until he takes a standard action to pry out the remnants
    of the pilum.

    Shotel: The shotel is a downward-curving sword
    designed to reach over or around an opponent’s shield.
    You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls with a shotel against
    opponents using bucklers, light shields, or heavy shields.

    Syringe Spear: The blade of this weapon contains a
    thin tube or bore that connects to a hollow container just
    beneath the crosspiece. A successful hit with the spear
    injects the liquid contents of the container (typically
    poison) into the target. Refilling a syringe spear takes 1

    Terbutje/Machuatil: This length of tempered wood has bits of
    shark teeth, obsidian, glass, or similar materials studded
    all along its length. It is fragile, and sometimes shatters
    on armor or enemy weapons. If you roll a 1 when attacking
    with a terbutje, the weapon automatically gains the broken
    quality. Rolling a 1 with a broken terbutje destroys it.

    Spear-Thrower/Atlatl;: This is little more than a
    handle with a cup, loop, or spur to hold the butt of a
    dart, javelin, or shortspear. Using a spear-thrower to
    throw such a weapon doubles the projectile’s range

    Swords/Knifes: Add Kurki, possibly as a replacement for the cutlass do to the fact a cutlass is a long blade (Thought a shortish one). Add falcata (Current

    DAM and Raritiy is still to be thought up.)
    Other possible blades include: Khopesh (Also known as sickle sword, usally bronze or iron), Rapier, Broad

    sword/Basket Hilted Broad Sword, Dirks (Scottish long knives/daggers), saber, etc.

    Overly Obscure Blades: Grip-Tongue swords (Late Bronze age longsword with distinctive shape, Can be just Bronze longsword), Antennae Swords (Due to the shape

    of the hilt, Late bronze age/ Early Iron age), Kopis (Greek Predisesor of the shorter Falcata), Gladius (Roman short sword), Seax (Nordic, ranges from a

    knife to a fachalon style sword.), Baselard,Kidney,Ear, and Rondel daggers (All medevial daggers classified by hilt style), Cinquedea ( refears to with of

    blade (Five-Fingers) Italian. Both dagger and short sword.), Spring blades (Hidden blades spring out to trap an opponents sword), Sword-Breaker Daggers,

    Hanger (Hunting sword, like a short cutlass/saber), Shashqa (Russian saber), Yataghan (Islamic forward curved shortsword), Dao (Chinese curved broadsword, a

    longsword or DaDao two-handed), Jian (Chinese double edged shortword), Talwar (Indian curved sword), Shamshir (Indian Curved sword, with classic L shaped

    grip), Khanda (Indian broadsword with basket hilt), Jambiya (Indian curved Dagger), Katar (Indian Punching dagger), Kris (Malay dagger with pistol-grip and

    wavy blade), Klewang ( Borneo headhunters sword), Ilwoon, Mbombaam, ngodip (African swords),

    The Katana and related swords have been left out because of efforts of Katana-Cultists or "Weeaboos" and their "Perfect sword" COUGH- Bullshit. When they

    stop being such misguided jerks about it, maybe just mentioning a katana won't piss me off so much.


    Determination: A shield or armor with this property
    provides the ability to fight on against seemingly
    impossible odds. Once per day, when the owner reaches
    0 or fewer hit points, the item automatically provides a
    breath of life spell.

    Folding Plate:
    This item normally looks like a heavy steel brooch or cloak
    clasp, often depicting a heavy helm or sturdy shield. On
    command, the brooch transforms in a clatter of metallic
    plates and panels to instantly cover the wearer in a complete
    suit of +1 full plate, with the design of the brooch displayed
    on the armor’s breastplate. The same command word causes
    the armor to transform into the brooch. The brooch only
    transforms if the wearer’s armor slot is unoccupied,

    Corrosive: Upon command, a corrosive weapon becomes
    slick with acid that deals an extra 1d6 points of acid damage
    on a successful hit. The acid does not harm the wielder.
    The effect remains until another command is given.

    Allying: An allying weapon allows the wielder to transfer
    some or all of the weapon’s enhancement bonus to one
    weapon being used by an ally of the wielder. The wielder
    must have line of sight to the intended ally.

    Cunning: This special ability allows a weapon to find
    chinks in a foe’s defenses using the wielder’s knowledge of
    the target.

    Grayflame: This weapon responds to channeled
    positive or negative energy. When the wielder spends a
    swift action to channel energy through the weapon, it
    ignites with a strange gray f lame that sheds light as a
    torch, increases the weapon’s enhancement bonus by +1,
    and deals +1d6 damage (as the divine power from f lame
    strike) to creatures struck by the weapon. This f lame lasts
    for 1 round for every d6 damage or healing the channeling
    normally provides. When charged with positive energy,
    the f lame is a silvery gray, good creatures are immune
    to the weapon’s extra damage, and the weapon counts as
    a good and silver weapon for the purpose of bypassing
    damage reduction. When charged with negative energy,
    the f lame is an ashen gray, evil creatures are immune to
    the weapon’s extra damage, and the weapon counts as an
    evil and cold iron weapon for the purpose of bypassing
    damage reduction.

    Menacing: This ability can only be placed on a melee
    weapon. This weapon property helps allies deal with flanked
    foes. When the wielder is adjacent to a creature that is being
    f lanked by an ally, the f lanking bonus on attack rolls for all
    f lanking allies increases by +2. This ability works even if the
    wielder is not one of the characters f lanking the creature.

    Transformative: This ability can only be placed on a
    melee weapon. A transformative weapon alters its shape
    at its wielder’s command, becoming any other melee
    weapon of the same general shape and handedness; the
    weapon’s categorization as simple, martial, or exotic
    is irrelevant. For example, a Medium transformative
    longsword can take the shape of any other Medium
    one-handed melee weapon, such as a scimitar, flail, or
    trident, but not a Medium light or two-handed melee
    weapon (such as a Medium short sword or a Medium


    These were "Borrowed" From pathfiner for ideas.

    Bomber's Eye: Increases thrown weapon range; +1 attack.

    Instant Armor: Summon armor temporarily replacing
    your current attire.

    Call Animal: Makes an animal come to you.

    Alchemical Allocation: Gain potion’s benefits without
    consuming it.

    Elemental Touch: Gain energy damage touch attack.

    Paladin's Sacrifice: Take the damage and effects for
    another creature.

    Blessing of the Salamander: Subject gets fast healing 2,
    fire resistance 10, +2 CMD.

    Twilight Knife: Floating knife attacks with you.

    Wall of Suppression: Creates wall that disables magic.

    Expend: Wastes creatures’ limited use magical ability.

    Moonstruck: Subject is enraged and confused.

    Cloak of Dreams: Creatures within 5 ft. fall asleep.

    Contagious Flame: Scorching rays cause 4d6 fire damage,
    then move on to new targets.

    Bow Spirit: Summons an invisible spirit that fires your
    arrows for you as a swift action.

    Gravity Bow: Arrows do damage as though one size
    category bigger.

    Vanish: As invisibility for 1 round/level (5 max).

    Grove of Respite: Creates trees and a small spring.

    Arrow Eruption: Creates duplicates of an arrow used to kill
    a creature in the previous round.

    Transmute Potion to Poison: Spit poison onto weapon
    after drinking potion.

    Venomous Bolt: Arrow or bolt poisons target.

    Aspect of the Bear: +2 AC and combat maneuver rolls.

    Vomit Swarm: Produces a spider swarm that fights for you.

    Draconic Reservoir: Subject can absorb energy damage
    and enhance melee attacks with it.

    Twin Form: Creates controllable duplicate of you.

    Doom: One subject takes –2 on attack rolls, damage rolls,
    saves, and checks.

    Inflict Light Wounds: Touch deals 1d8 damage +1/level
    (max +5).

    Hold Person: Paralyzes one humanoid for 1 round/level.

    Beguiling Gift: Subject immediately accepts an offered
    item and uses it.

    Purging Finale: Removes one negative effect.

    Inflict Serious Wounds: Touch attack, 3d8 damage +1/
    level (max +15).

    Campfire Wall: Creates a shelter around a campfire.

    Unwitting Ally: Subject is considered ally for 1 round.

    Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.

    Solid Fog: Blocks vision and slows movement.

    Wind Wall: Def lects arrows, smaller creatures, gasses.

    Wrath: +1 attack and damage against target creature.

    Feast of Ashes: A target starves with an insatiable hunger.

    Retribution: Recent attacker is aff licted with penalties.

    Horrid Wilting: Deals 1d6/level damage within 30 ft.

    Banish Seeming: Dispels touched illusion or a creature’s
    change in form.

    Cleanse: As heal, but only cures 4d8 damage +1/level
    (max +25).

    Sacred Bond: Cast touch healing spells from a distance.

    Weapon of Awe: Weapon gets +2 on damage rolls.

    Suffocation: Target quickly suffocates to death.

    Suffocation, Mass: One creature/level suffocates.

    Fire Snake: Creates a serpentine path of fire 5 ft. long/
    level that deals 1d6 fire damage/level.

    Geyser: Creates a geyser of boiling water.

    Iron Body: Your body becomes living iron.

    Chain Lightning: 1d6/level damage, 1 more bolt/level.

    Water Breathing: Subjects can breathe underwater.

    Dragon’s Breath: Gives you a dragon’s breath weapon.

    Resounding Blow: Melee attack deals 1d6 more damage.

    Ice Storm: Hail deals 5d6 damage in area 40 ft. across.

    Slay Living: Touch attack deals 12d6 +1 per level.

    Firefall: Fire bursts upward, dealing 2d6 fire damage.

    Hydraulic Torrent: Creates torrent of water that bull
    rushes any creature in its path.

    Ball Lightning: Flying lightning spheres deal 3d6
    electricity damage each.

    Accelerate Poison: Hastens targeted poison’s onset.

    Seamantle: Sheathes you in protective water.

    Rampart: Creates 5-ft.-thick earthen barrier.

    Pyrotechnics: Turns fire into light or thick smoke.

    Cloak of Winds: Creates screen of strong wind around you.

    Unwilling Shield: Subject shares wounds you receive.

    Bull’s Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.

    Corruption Resistance: Protects creature against damage
    from alignment-based attacks.

    Vocal Alteration: Disguise target’s voice. (Shouting no longer alerts enemys)

    Ghostly Disguise: You look like a ghost of yourself. (Undead including Player ghosts ignore you)

    Blood Transcription: Learn a spell from the target’s blood.

    Eruptive Pustules: Acid boils burst when you are attacked.

    Vitriolic Mist: As fire shield, except acid damage.

    Murderous Command: Target is compelled to kill its ally.

    Summon Minor Monster: Summon 1d3 Tiny animals.

    Pernicious Poison: Target takes a –4 penalty against poison.

    Toxic Gift: Target suffers the effect of a poison in you.

    Unadulterated Loathing: Target is compelled to avoid
    another creature.

    Blade of Dark Triumph: Bonded weapon gains ghost touch.

    Utter Contempt: Target’s attitude worsens by two categories.

    Anticipate Peril: Target gains a bonus on one initiative check.

    Ear-Piercing Scream: Deal sonic damage and daze target.

    Forced Quiet: Target cannot make loud noises.

    Boiling Blood: Targets take fire damage; orcs get +2 Strength.

    Compassionate Ally: Target compelled to help injured ally.

    Delay Pain: Ignore pain for 1 hour/level.

    Disguise Other: As disguise self, but affects you or another.

    Distracting Cacophony: Noise makes it difficult to cast.

    Mad Hallucination: Target takes penalties to mental actions.

    Miserable Pity: Opponents cannot attack a pathetic creature.

    Oppressive Boredom: Target loses its next action.

    Piercing Shriek: Target is staggered by a painful sound.

    Reckless Infatuation: Target is compelled to stay near another.

    Share Memory: Share one memory with the target.

    Overwhelming Grief: Grieving target can take no actions
    and is denied its Dex bonus.

    Smug Narcissism: Target is distracted by its sense of self.

    Terrible Remorse: Creature is compelled to harm itself.

    Vision of Hell: Illusory hellscape makes creatures shaken.

    Witness: See through the target’s eyes and ears.

    Dance of a Hundred Cuts: Gain +1 combat bonus/3 levels.

    Daze, Mass: As daze, but affecting multiple creatures.

    Echolocation: Sonic sense gives you blindsight 40 ft.

    Envious Urge: Targets steal from or disarm others.

    Primal Scream: Free yourself from enchantments and
    paralysis effects.

    Serenity: Peaceful feelings harm those attempting violence.

    Shadow Step: Teleport from one shadow to another.

    Animate Dead, Lesser: Create one skeleton or zombie.

    Web Shelter: Create a comfortable shelter made of webbing.

    Protective Penumbra: Shadow protects the target from light.

    Shard of Chaos: Harm and possibly slow lawful creatures.

    Agonize: Pain encourages an outsider to obey you

    Symbol of Healing: Triggered rune heals living creatures.

    Ride the Waves: Target can breathe water and swim.

    Symbol of Revelation: Triggered symbol reveals illusions.

    Symbol of Slowing: Triggered rune slows creatures.

    Frostbite: Target takes cold damage and is fatigued.

    Anthropomorphic Animal: Animal becomes bipedal.

    Ash Storm: Hamper vision and movement.

    Burst of Nettles: Burst deals 3d6 damage and 1d6 acid.

    Fungal Infestation: Target takes bleed from attacks.

    Arboreal Hammer: Tree branches attack opponents.

    Fickle Winds: Wind walls selectively block attacks.

    Raise Animal Companion: As raise dead, but on an animal.

    Reprobation: Marked target is shunned by your religion.

    Corrosive Touch: Touch attack deals 1d4 acid/level.

    Defensive Shock: Electricity damages your attackers.

    Frigid Touch: Target takes cold damage and is staggered.

    Acidic Spray: 1d6/level acid damage plus 1 round of acid.

    Corrosive Consumption: Acidic patch damages an opponent.

    Arrow of Law: Harm and possibly daze chaotic creatures.

    Holy Shield: Lend your shield’s protection to another.

    Cushioning Bands: Force bands protect against crushing.

    Strangling Hair: Your hair animates and grapples.

    Icy Prison: Thick ice holds and damages the target.

    Lightning Arc: Targets in a line take 1d6 electricity/level.

    Possess Object: Possess and animate one object.

    Rapid Repair: Construct gains fast healing 5.

    Battlemind Link: You and an ally gain attack and AC bonuses.

    Cold Ice Strike: Cone of ice slivers deals 1d6 cold/level.

    Symbol of Sealing: Create triggered wall of force.

    Caustic Eruption: Burst deals 1d6 acid/level and lingers.

    Lightning Rod: Absorb electrical attacks and gain
    immunity to electricity.

    Scouring Winds: Winds block vision and deal 3d6 damage
    per round.

    Temporary Resurrection: Bring a creature to life for 24 hours,
    after which it dies again.

    Call Construct: Summon your construct to you.

    Cursed Earth: Plants die, living creatures catch diseases,
    or dead creatures rise as zombies.

    Ride the Lightning: Transform into electricity.

    Symbol of Strife: Triggered rune makes creatures attack.

    Symbol of Vulnerability: Triggered rune gives penalties.

    Transmute Blood to Acid: Target takes acid damage each
    round, and its attackers take acid damage.

    Wooden Phalanx: Creates 1d4+2 temporary wood golems
    to fight for you.

    Icicle Dagger: Masterwork ice dagger deals +1 cold damage.

    Bungle: Target takes a –20 penalty on its next attack roll
    or check.

    Hex Ward: Target gains +4 on saves against witch hexes.

    Shadow Weapon: Create a quasi-real masterwork weapon.

    Pernicious Poison: Target takes a –4 penalty against poison.

    Excruciating Deformation: Target takes Dex and Con damage.

    Loathsome Veil: Nauseates and/or sickens weak creatures.

    Familiar Melding: Possess your familiar.

    Volcanic Storm: Hot rocks deal 5d6 damage.

    Of course this would a nessesitate better stuff for non-magic players for the sake of balance.

    (hey wizard! Say hi to my Boom Stick!)

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