scroll(/wand/rod) of battlesphere

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Lair Larrikin

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Post Monday, 1st September 2014, 15:08

scroll(/wand/rod) of battlesphere


I'm working on a Dungeon Sprint map, and have an interesting idea I don't know how to implement.

I want player to have ability of casting limited amount of battlespheres through using such scrolls, but not to have this spell in memory.

• Can I create a "scroll of battlesphere" somehow? I want it simply to summon a friendly battlesphere, as such spell does.
Can it be done through "if scroll_of_fog used then cast battlesphere" or something? Can I use this if I don't have a battlesphere spell in my character's memory? Would it have manacost, or I can add something like "use scroll -> mp+5 -> cast"?

• Can I change the scroll's icon? I would like it to have the ordinary scroll icon, but with a small battlesphere instead of fog, for example

• If I can't implement this, can I add a wand of battlesphere? Or a rod, maybe.

Thanks, hope someone help me to understand it and find a solution :)
With respect, Dmitry.
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Pandemonium Purger

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Re: scroll(/wand/rod) of battlesphere

You can't make new kinds of consumables/evokables like this.
If you need a specific kind of item for your sprint to work, then you also have to make a patch for the code that must be submitted with the sprint for it to work.
(That means the Sprint better be good, of course! ;) )
It wouldn't be the first time (Meatsprint had to change the code of Crawl for the Axe of Woe to have its always-hit always-kill powers, for example, but everything else was LUA)

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