How can I use only the Torment?

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How can I use only the Torment?

I'm reworking the Pain card. I removed the summon effect and added the torment effect. I would like to have only the use of the torment as a level 2 effect, but it uses both the torment and the bolt of draining.

    case CARD_PAIN:
        if (power_level == 2)
            torment(&you, TORMENT_CARD_PAIN, you.pos());

        ztype = painzaps[min(power_level, (int)ARRAYSZ(painzaps)-1)];

What did I miss? Give me some advice.

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Re: How can I use only the Torment?

You're going need to do more changes in that function. It is built for every effect to have a targeted component (e.g. bolt of draining, acid, OoD). You'll need to add logic to skip the targeted part if (card == CARD_PAIN) and (power_level == 2).

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