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New transifex interface

PostPosted: Tuesday, 26th March 2013, 21:19
by galehar
I've completely rewritten the transifex interface to merge contributions (both english and translations) into crawl. It shouldn't change much for you guys appart from the fact that sync should be more common and less painful. Or if you want to edit directly crawl's files and push the results to transifex. Or if you want to test your translations in-game (useful for those pesky tutorial entries with elaborated layout).
Anyway, I've also updated the translation documentation which describes how the new interface work.
The main change is the support for quotes. The huge resource file with ton of placeholder entries is no more. Quotes key names have ":quote" appended to them. Remember to avoid translating quotes and instead submit original ones in their native languages. If english has no quote for the one you want to submit (or if you want to submit an english one), you can't directly create a new entry through the transifex interface. So you need to edit the description entry and add a line with :quote at the end, followed by the actual quote (not on the same line). The new entry will be created automatically on the next sync.
Also, some entries are messed up by the line wrapping done when converting transifex files to crawl's format. So I've added a special tag :nowrap that you can add at the beginning of a description to disable line wrapping and make formatting those entries easier. Check the exit screen entries in the tutorial resource to see how it's done.
Maybe we'll see more use of those tags in the future.
For english contributions, each time I merge an entry from it and update the source, I delete the corresponding resource (history is still preserved). So it's quite easy to tell new contributions from accepted ones. The new ones are in transifex, the others are in trunk!

Re: New transifex interface

PostPosted: Friday, 5th April 2013, 14:05
by galehar
In addition to the new interface, there has also been a few recent changes in transifex. A new web GUI for editing translations. Now, when a source string is updated, corresponding translations are automatically cleared, so you know you have to update them too. The notification system has been rewritten too, so it will be easier to keep track of stuff done and stuff left to do.
Details on their blog.
Hope this will keep you motivated.

Re: New transifex interface

PostPosted: Saturday, 6th April 2013, 19:41
by Grimm