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Armour Encumbrance Penalty

Yo, just tyring to update this page on the wiki: I believe everything is now up to date (article was at 0.13) from what I can gather reading the 0.17 source code, however I'm not 100% sure I got everything correct.

In particular, as far as I can tell the attack delay penalty from armour to unarmed combat was removed at some point between .13 and the current master branch, is that correct?
Also, if you have any comments on using LaTeX or the style / grammar of the page, let me know and I'll tackle any issues I can.

P.S. The change log at the bottom of the page is err, well I don't know when what was changed, so it sucks, my bad!

P.P.S. I made a calculator to simplify this cus it turns out the math is kindof a pain. ... 1843292358
If you would like to use the calculator, simply make a copy of the sheet so that you can save your changes.


More changes along with a look at how strength plays out over different armours for dodge penalty.



The above (which is the second differential of strength for the dodge penalty plus the evasion penalty for armour encumbrance) demonstrates why getting your strength to near your encumbrance value is a good idea.