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New "wholedungeon" sprint map

PostPosted: Saturday, 13th August 2022, 09:36
by fra_c
Hi everyone,
I'm a big fan of the Sprint mode and so I decided to try and write a new map. It basically contains a highly randomized summary of the whole dungeon, with all the branches, and one room per level. I'm attaching it here if anyone wants to try it. There is also a bug, I think it is like this: if a unique would be generated twice, the second place where it would be generated will become empty. What I expected instead is the game trying to randomly place another unique among those listed. Do you have any idea about how to fix this? Anyway, here's the map.

Re: New "wholedungeon" sprint map

PostPosted: Thursday, 18th August 2022, 02:43
by Hellmonk
I haven't played this map yet so I won't comment on balance or anything like that. Uniques that have placed already unfortunately do default to not placing a monster; to fix this you can either make all the unique lists different so that it just can't happen or specify a backup monster by doing eg. Kmons: U = Aizul, guardian serpent / Bai Suzhen, storm dragon / etc. This will always place the unique if possible but default to the second monster otherwise (assuming I got this syntax right).