Monster pane improvements

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Monster pane improvements

We just changed the monster pane so that it can display information about more than one monster, display more than one piece of information about monsters, and display some additional kinds of information about monsters.

For example, in a (contrived) wizmode situation, the monster pane shows:
 o   Saint Roka (slow)
 K   kobold demonologist
 3   smoke demon (summoned)
 3   neqoxec
 gggg  4 gnolls (3 polearms, 1 burning)
In vanilla, you wouldn't see any of this, because it doesn't tell you if a monster is slow, summoned, or is wielding a polearm; and can't tell you anything about more than 1 gnoll appearing at once.

This would probably need a bit of tidying up and I appreciate sending a PR is no guarantee of acceptance, but is it something worth submitting?
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Re: Monster pane improvements

Almost certainly, UI improvements are usually pretty well recieved.
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