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Userscript to hide outdated and empty lines from CAO scores

Copying and pasting from my reddit post:

Tired of seeing empty rows on CAO for races that never existed in stable crawl, or empty columns for backgrounds that have been removed a decade ago? Try this userscript:

It will hide outdated species and backgrounds, only if a player's page has no scores for that species/background.

For Firefox, you'll need Greasemonkey or whatever the cool thing these days is. Copy the whole script, click the Greasemonkey drop-down, click "New User Script", then click "Use Script From Clipboard" at the bottom.

For Chrome, save the script as cao.user.js, and drag and drop the file onto a Chrome window.

This has been tested only on one web browser on one computer, so there may be problems! Let me know what you think.

Screenshots in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

with the script:



I also wonder if this could get added in to the CAO pages directly, maybe with a toggle? It's pretty small and the pages will work fine without js still. Suggestions for further refinements welcome.
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