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DCSS Challenge Generator

Hello everybody! :)

Few days ago I came up with an idea of writing script which would load species, backgrounds and challenges from external database files, choose one of each and print new combination to output file ready to share with others, just like Casual League here! After a lot of experiments with text file structures and loading data from them I managed to do this - DCSS Challenge Generator! This script loads all species, backgrounds, forbidden combos (like MuTm, which is impossible to start game with) and challenge databases to machine memory. Then program selects one challenge, excludes forbidden species, backgrounds and combos from all available and write to text file as many times as user wants. Here's an example how it looks like for 3 generated challenges:

[Challenge No.1]

Vampire Berserker (VpBe) - Ruthless Efficency

* Tier 1: Reach the last level of the Lair before reaching experience level 12
* Tier 2: Find a rune before reaching experience level 14
* Tier 3: Win the game before reaching experience level 19

[Challenge No.2]

Draconian Warper (DrWr) - Untrained

* Tier 1: Reach Lair with all skills below level 10
* Tier 2: Acquire first rune with all skills below level 15
* Tier 3: Win game with all skills below level 20

[Challenge No.3]

Tengu Artificer (TeAr) - The Intangible

* Tier 1: Reach Lair with Dodging skill level 10 and Dodging title
* Tier 2: Acquire first rune with Dodging skill level 20 and Dodging title
* Tier 3: Win game with Dodging skill level 27 and Dodging title


Each basic challenge contains name, 3 tiers description (but you can make more or less tiers [imagine challenges with 100 tiers!!] by editing code), and forbidden species and background (how could you reach Stealth level 27 playing Troll without Wizmode?!). You can also manage species and background available for generating. Still playing High Elfs? No problem! Add "HE High Elf" to species database! Hate Arcane Marksman background? Exclude it from your database! Playing one of DCSS fork? Change whole databases your way! (But be careful to leave file format unmodified).

For now in repository there are 13 challenges only, but this database will grow up! You can contribute!

If you are interested in, you can visit repository here: and give it try!
I hope you will like it! :)
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