Post Sunday, 26th February 2017, 14:40

Archives of the versions!

I have seen people post things on wanting to try versions like 0.9 so they can mess around with mountain dwarves, or maybe some people want to play 0.5, so they can see how divinations were!

I have found a couple of archives that I will link at the bottom of this post. However, if you put my archives all together, I don't think they are complete. I don't think I have builds of the 0.5.0 trunk builds. I think 0.5 is when trunk builds started, according to the old 2009 blog posts. If you want to find the old blog posts, just keep clicking "Older posts" on the official blog and you will find them! The first link below is an archive of every full, stable release version of the game from 0.1 up to 0.16. The second one is a wayback machine archive of the development builds archive page. You can use that link normally outside the wayback machine page for the current archive of every 0.20 release. I'm not sure whether the 0.5 trunk builds are not in the wayback machine archive, or if they are simply labeled as 0.6. Can anyone please confirm if they are simply labeled as 0.6, or if the archive does not have the 0.5 trunk builds, and I need to find them? I am not worried about the release candidates of the versions, because the blog posts said they didn't add anything, and just fixed bugs.

I'm not sure if this is needed(it probably isn't!), but I hope you guys like the archives! I have taken so much time to figure these things out! I have other archives, but they are not as complete as these ones. Every build in the other archives I have are already in these ones, so they are not needed!*/

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