Any archives out there?

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Any archives out there?

I am very interested in old computer games, and I like to compare them with the newer ones made today! I was wondering whether anybody out there had an archive of the versions of Linley's Dungeon Crawl (a.k.a. the project that started this game!)? I have tried my best to find an archive but have had no luck. Even the old trusty Wayback Machine used on the official website has failed me! I do know of two archives of the Stone Soup versions, but I want an archive for Linley's Dungeon Crawl. I am aware that the game was made for DOS but anybody can just use Dosbox and play the game just fine! The official website is still up, but none of the links inside it work. The only way I can play 4.0.0 version is through an online emulator. I can't play any other versions of the game! Since we have Dosbox, and other such emulators for old operating systems, actually playing the game is hopefully not a problem.

Anybody out there have something? If you own builds before 4.0.0, or builds in the 4.1 Alpha phase, please make an archive of them!
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Re: Any archives out there?

Here's a version of 4.0b26 that you can compile for yourself on OSX / Linux:

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