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If you are interested in helping with tiles, vaults, patches or documentation, this is the place for that.

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Title Splash

Its been awhile and I bet no one here remembers me.
Anyways I made a garbage title splash again.

You guys can use it if you want, I'll be throwing it in that title bin regardless.
I've been thinking about updating the blood tiles too.

While I have learned some coding since i've last been here, I still don't know nearly enough to do the cool thing that I want to.
If someone good with code wants to work with me on MULTI-TILE-BLOOD-SPLASH-PATTERNS let me know via Email/PM

I just need a guy who can write some code to tell the game to put the splats in the right places by looking at the splats around it.

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Re: Title Splash

That would be very cool! I love your style a lot, omg.
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Re: Title Splash

You use Inkscape?
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