vault testing crash

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vault testing crash

I tried my hand at creating a simple vault but when i add it to a des file the game crashes on startup.
What am i doing wrong? I found a similair question in a thread from a while ago but minmays answer is gone.
I added it to shops.des, then when i start crawl it crashes after "loading maps", if I remove the map the game functions normally.

#Sells only items that mutate.
NAME: lacuenta_mutation_shop
TAGS: transparent
MARKER: a = lua:fog_machine { cloud_type = "mutagenic fog", \
            pow_min = 100, pow_max = 100, delay = 1, \
            size = 1, walk_dist = 0, start_clouds = 1 }
KFEAT:   s = general shop type:Maximum suffix:Mutables count:7 ; \
         w:70 potion of mutation | w:10 any weapon ego:chaos | \
         w:9 randbook disc:transmutation | w:1 Plutonium Sword
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Re: vault testing crash

I get the error message:
dat/des/builder/shops.des:584: Bad item name: 'Plutonium Sword'

You need
triple sword unrand:Plutonium_Sword
(or, because of how unrand parsing works, you could even do "bread ration unrand:Plutonium_Sword"; the only difference being what happens if the unrand already exists).

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