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Overflow Vaults III: Monster Data Questions

PostPosted: Tuesday, 13th October 2015, 20:50
by MainiacJoe
This is the Trog / Sif Muna Rivals overflow vault. I think that Dowan and Duvessa fit this theme, since Dowan is a magician and Duvessa berserks if he dies. Their XP are 46 and 103 respectively. If they've already been placed, then an orc wizard and orc warrior have 37 and 133 XP respectively. Things I need help on:
  1. I understand that Dowan and Duvessa are considered a single unique. I don't know their in-game name.
  2. I do expect that they are placed with a single glyph, and like a band the other one is put into an empty space nearby.
  3. I don't know the depth at which they, or orc wizards and warriors, begin to appear.
  4. The orcs will not appear as bands unless I specifically say so, correct?
In general, where can I find the depth and name information for monsters? The wiki and LearnDB seem to give plain English names and no depth information.

Thanks for your help.

# Sif loves magic, Trog hates it
# Dowan is a magician, and Duvessa berserks if he dies.  The orcs are worth similar XP.
NAME:  mainiacjoe_trog_sif_dowan_duvessa
DEPTH: D:2-9
TAGS:  temple_overflow_2 temple_overflow_trog
TAGS:  temple_overflow_sif_muna
TAGS:  uniq_altar_trog uniq_altar_sif_muna
TAGS:  uniq_rivals_overflow
TAGS:  no_pool_fixup no_monster_gen
NSUBST: _ = 1:A / *:B
KFEAT: A = altar_trog
KFEAT: B = altar_sif_muna
MONS:  plant, bush, orc warrior, orc wizard
: if you.absdepth() < 4??? then
# if too shallow don't place a vault monster at all, but let randoms happen
SUBST: ? : Gc12
KMASK:  . = !no_monster_gen
: elseif you.uniques("DowanDuvessa???") then
# Dowan/Duvessa already exist, place orc wizard and orc warrior
NSUBST: ? = 1:3 / 1:4 / *:.
: else
# place Dowan/Duvessa
NSUBST: ? = 1:"DowanDuvessa???" / *:.
SUBST: c = xcvbt
SUBST: G = GTVt12lw
: interest_check(_G)

Re: Overflow Vaults III: Monster Data Questions

PostPosted: Wednesday, 14th October 2015, 12:58
by wheals
1. To check for either one (it shouldn't be possible for one to have spawned but not the other, but just in case):
: elseif you.uniques("Duvessa") or you.uniques("Dowan") then

NSUBST: ? = 1:duvessa band / *:.

3. Check out mon-pick-data.h for normal monsters, and uniques.des for uniques.
4. Correct.

In general, the name you use for monsters in vaults just the same as the name in-game. Duvessa band is a weird exception, since it has to place two monsters at once.