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Save File Editor


I have just started playing this game. The original purpose I started was to track some bugs. A friend who was doing the same thing one year ago, told me that he had to change some things in the source code in order to give desired stats to his character and debug some high levels in the game. Then I got the idea to make a save file editor, where you can set some of your stats and items in the inventory. I tried to do this through the character save file, but I cannot access it as a text file. So, I would like to ask: 1) If a mini software like that would be useful for debugging, 2) If yes, then I would like to learn more about the structure of the save file.
I usually work applications like that in Java Swing.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Save File Editor

You'd probably find it easier to just use wizard mode - accessible through pressing '&'. That'll let you spawn items, set stats, etc. ingame. Not all builds of the game have this mode enabled though (the webtiles servers have it disabled for example). I don't know if local builds have it enabled by default or not, but if it doesn't, you may have to compile the game yourself to enable it.

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