Where can I get the source code and compiler?

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Where can I get the source code and compiler?

I want to try to improve a few spells, but I have no experience with DCSS local code, so (the way I see it, at least) the most productive way I can think of for for me to learn it AND to test it locally would be to get the source code of the whole game somewhere, modify the spells as needed, compile it locally (on my PC) and test it locally, and only then share the chunks of code I have modified with public.

Is that possible? Can someone point me in the direction where I can get the source code and the compiler, if yes?

P.S. I tried looking for links in the stickies, but no luck. I guess I missed something.

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Re: Where can I get the source code and compiler?

http://crawl.develz.org/wordpress/downloads (That's the 'downloads' button on the main page)

The instructions/source links are at the bottom, probably post in 'tech support' when you have questions like this.
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Re: Where can I get the source code and compiler?

Better use git. INSTALL.txt has instructions: http://s-z.org/neil/git/?p=crawl.git;a= ... xt;hb=HEAD

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