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Art tutorials


I found another opensource game called Wesnoth
and they have a list of art tutorial that are listing clearly art guidelines ->
But I haven't found any for Crawl Stone soup ?!
Is there an equivalent?!

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Re: Art tutorials

I realize it's been a while since you asked that question, but if you're still interested, have a look at docs/develop/tiles_creation.txt

Unfortunately, it's severely out of date and the only recommended tutorial link that still works is this one: ... s_tile.php

It would be great if someone could go through and update this sort of development documentation! (If you do, please submit your changes as a text file or diff on Mantis.)

As far as I know, no style guide exists for the splash screens apart from the logo having to fit in. Apart from that, it all seems a matter of taste.
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Re: Art tutorials

Well for one then a lightsource from the top-left is much better than one straight from the top.
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