Post Thursday, 19th June 2014, 11:42

if i summit revised orc follower equip system like this...

Which one is the most acceptable?

1. Blow up the under "if" statement and let user change orc's equip freely
if (_given_gift(mons))
mprf("%s has already been given a gift.", monsname);
return false;

2. Interchange this code to original monster picking function that only rooting higher valued equipment than theirs by monster-only evaluation function
mons->take_item(item_slot, body_armour ? MSLOT_ARMOUR :
shield ? MSLOT_SHIELD :

3. Chance for gifting item reset to level up(hd) or class up(orc -> orc knight)

4. Make chance for gifting item god's gift(Trog's weapon) with gift timeout

ps. Required piety point to get beogh_gift_item ability same as getting first orc follower