Centaurs and Bardings

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Centaurs and Bardings

I just redid the centaur player doll and all of the bardings. I was going to try to submit this as a patch, but I can't get git to cooperate. (At first it tracked no files, then I tried to add just tracking the specific rltiles folders I was actually editing and it tried to track everything and git status basically broke out of trying to display info on too many files...etc.)

Image centaur_brown_m
Image centaur_brown_f
Image centaur_barding_red
Image centaur_barding_blue
Image centaur_barding_magenta
Image black_knight

Couple images actually wearing barding (no clothes or other equipment):
Image Image

I've also started on Spriggans, but I have much more armour to adjust to make little spriggans actually little. Preview:
Image Image
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Re: Centaurs and Bardings

I like how this new centaur has its ass up on a shelf :P

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