Saving skill configurations

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Lair Larrikin

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Saving skill configurations

I'm thinking of patching in a feature to remember "default" skill configurations for each character build. At the beginning of each game, the first time you use the 'm' menu, Crawl remembers what settings you chose, and defaults to these the next time you start a new character of the same species/background. Hopefully saves you a dozen or so keystrokes at the beginning of each game. I'm hopeful this should not be too difficult, since there's already a function to save skill configurations (for saved games).

Perhaps an RC file option that lets you choose to enable this feature, disable it, or to prompt at the beginning of each game? Does this appeal to anybody else?

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: Saving skill configurations

I assume "character build" includes race+background+weapon choice (where available?) and "remembered" stuff includes inital skill focus choices and skill targets?

Really you can actually write this into your .rc file already with some effort (you can use LUA to determine what build you're starting with, and just set up the skills/targets as desired at game start) You don't actually need to patch it into the game in any fashion, although doing so would make it more easily accessible.

Patching it in as part of the game would actually probably be some larger chunk of work than you want it to be.
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Lair Larrikin

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Re: Saving skill configurations

Yeah, I'm probably underestimating the work involved.

But you'd have to hardcode the starting skills for each starting build separately in the rc file, I assume? That sounds like a lot of work in and of itself, unless you only play a couple characters. I wouldn't mind doing a little extra work above that, if it's something that other people would find convenient.

I did forget about the starting weapon. That sounds like a nuisance since it isn't part of the game state (I assume), though you could parse the morgue file or something. Maybe instead I could set it up so that "Axes" gets replaced by "Polearms" if you play a MiBe with an axe and then play a MiBe with a polearm? Easy to check the starting weapon on turn 0!

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Crypt Cleanser

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Re: Saving skill configurations

The feature sounds useful. I would apreciate it.

Dungeon Master

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Re: Saving skill configurations

This sounds useful; i'd be happy to help with questions, code review etc.

Perhaps just don't save weapon-dependent stats; let those be determined by initial weapon choice, and auto-restore the other stats.

I'm more concerned about the UI aspect; having it silently save if and only if you open the menu before the first turn is a little unintuitive; might need a ctrl-s keybinding or similar.

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