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Crawl French Translation

I'm a new Crawl player, and pretty enthusiastic with it. As a native french speaker, I thought it would be nice having a version that my (not english spleaking) friends can play.
I figured a translation project was started a few years ago and met death’s doors around mid-2014.
Therefore here are a few questions :
1. Is it still possible to contribute to crawl by updating/adding translations ?
2. Is there anything left of this transifex based project? Can it be revived ?
3. Is there a text database for crawl that could be easily edited ? Or is there a way of extracting text from the game folders themselves ? I found the wiki table of items descriptions by Galehar in the crawl development wiki, which in itself is very good working material.
4. As it is always better to have someone else reviewing the translations, is there anyone from the former french translation team still active ?
5. Should this project start, where/to whom should I be sending translated files? In what format/encoding?
Looking forward to be able to contribute to spreading Crawl to french speakers,
Thank you in advance!

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Re: Crawl French Translation

You can translate descriptions of items by updating the files in here: ... t/descript

Updating the UI to show different text is currently not possible due to how crawl is coded. Most strings (like "You are too berserk!") are hardcoded in C++ files, so you would need to submit a large code change to make them compatible with a translation system.

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