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Press release

If you like to read about crawl, there is a wiki page with links to articles.
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Re: Press release

Please also add any mentions you have found. If you don't know your way about editing wikis, you can also post links here and I'll add them.

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Re: Press release

Blog reviews in German language:

Horst Jens - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
http://spielendprogrammieren.wordpress. ... stonesoup/

stanzebla - Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup macht süchtig ... t-suchtig/

David Scheele - Mein Leben als Abenteurer – Dungeoncrawl Stonesoup! ... soup/69361

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Re: Press release

Cool! Could you add them to the wiki page, please, Mychaelh (or evktalo)?
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