Generic Brainstorming!

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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

It's a feature, not a bug.

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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

Unwanted Unrands
Arbablade: An impracticle weapon for an improbable hero. When wielded normally it behaves as a great sword, but it can also fire bolts as an arbalest.
Miror Shield: A large shield with a reflective surface. Has the reflection ego, but also causes Stlth-- due to it constantly reflecting light.
Rubber-Soled Boots: Boots with rubber soles. Grants rElec, Stlth+ and Running.
Scourge of Hell: A demonic whip with a randomised brand for each hit: flaming/freezing/draining/crushing.
Vampire's Cape: A cape once worn by a vampire. Some of his power still resides in it. Grants rN++ and ability to evoke batform.
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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

Wow, big necro.
Lord of Lignification, we bow down to you.

...why aren't you bowing? Stop reading this and bow.

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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

DiBergi's Tap of Annihilation (Level 11 Conjurations)

"Years of study into a string of strange and inexplicable drummer deaths resulted in the accidental discovery of this most terrible of incantations. Only theoretically castable by mortals, this hideous destructive force causes a chosen victim to explode messily, and is rather unhealthy for any bystanders."

Deals 121 irresistible smite-targeted damage to any target within your line of sight, 11 irresistible damage to all adjacent targets, and 1 damage to everything on the current floor. Creates infinite noise. Corpse-generating creatures defeated in this way leave chunks a la Disintegration. Cannot target opponents standing at the edge of your line of sight, unless you worship Vehumet, who allows you to crank it up to twelve.

Has a cooldown after casting similar to an elemental evoker, during which you are waiting for the sense of hearing to return to everything within the Dungeon.

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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

treerex5 wrote:Wow, big necro.

That's not a necro, THIS is a necro!

But seriously, I got directed here by the thread about rules/etc of GDD, and since this is a totally bare-bones idea:

God of wands and evocations. Possible names include Pontarfynach, Inverurie and Ulst, which are (I think) Welsh/maybe Scottish/Irish locations but more thematically are the names of wand shop shopkeepers in NetHack (so edit them a bit because I know NetHack is awful but I was just looking at its list of shopkeeper names and thinking "Some of these would fit as crawl gods!")

I honestly have no idea what said god would do, which is why I am posting this here and not in GDD.

EDIT: just heard Pakellas is a thing.

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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

psymar wrote:God of ... evocations.

Sounds like Nemelex

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Re: Generic Brainstorming!

But plays like Trog.

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