Emotional issues

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Emotional issues

Okay group, I want everyone to open your hearts and minds and just let it all come out...

Seriously though, I've noticed a bit (not too much) of heat in some threads and I just want to point something out:

- Devs put their heart and soul into developing this game and they tend not to like it when people dump on their creation.

- Players put their heart and soul into their characters and they tend not to like it when the game heartlessly kills off their most promising character ever, or banishes it to the abyss four times in a row.

So there is a certain tension when Player is upset about some element of the game (because it killed them) and then they gripe about it, and then a Dev gets upset because of the complaining, etc.

We're all here because we like this game a lot and have (probably too much of) ourselves invested in it. So let's just celebrate and emphasize that common shared passion for Dungeon Crawling!

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Re: Emotional issues

Absolutely. The distinction is crucial: while players will mourn most deaths, especially late ones, developers are thrilled to see that something (monster, vault, branch, unique etc.) turned out to be relevant. Remember that monsters which never kill players (or at least help killing, like moths do) are irrelevant and should be removed.

And it leads to exactly the type of sentiments you described. I don't think there is much one could do about it... apart of being aware of the other side.

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