Does CAO need help?

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Does CAO need help?

I noticed the "CAO will be back" message changed today (yes, I check it every day). It sounds like the person running it is having a hard time. The message doesn't ask for help, but I wonder if there would be a way to help get CAO back. I doubt there is much I could do, but if there are money issues, I think there are enough CAO-lovers out there to make donations useful, I know I would donate if it would help.

Does anybody know if there's a way to help the admins at CAO?

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Re: Does CAO need help?


And from ... id=3468734 - "CAO apparently resurfacing at some point in October; status of annual tournament unknown at present"


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Re: Does CAO need help?

Hey all,

The only kind of help I need is logistical; there isn't a money issue, there isn't a resources issue except time. Luckily |amethyst has generously offered to help out, as have a couple of other folks with a lot of experience, and hopefully we should have it back up soon. The concern is much appreciated, and I apologize for how long it's taken; my life has been kind of a shambles, but soon it will at least be a shambles with a crawl server. ;)



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Re: Does CAO need help?

"at least be a shambles with a crawl server" - you the real mvp rax

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Re: Does CAO need help?

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