New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)

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New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)

Okay, hi DCSS community! I haven't been active here for some time, and I still haven't won the yet :cry:
The closest I've ever been is two runes :P
Anyways, even though I am probably the worst person for Species Proposals, I'm throwing (another!) one out here.

Таракан (Which according to translate is Russian for cockroach)
These dudes are basically advanced cockroaches which evolved after being exposed to radioactive substances, hence the Russian naming :D

They begin the game in Phase 1. In this phase they are the same size as Spriggans, with Speed 3, Unfitting Armour, Antennae 1 and (maybe) mutagenic resistance.
A few levels later, they would move into stage 2.
What happens here is that they grow from Spriggan to Kobold size (enabling them to wear more armour), their Speed Drops to Speed 2, and their antennae get upped to Antennae 2, and perhaps even grow some fangs.
After a while, they move into their final stage, 3. They grow even more, their speed drops to Speed 1, their Antennae grow some more and perhaps their teeth and mutagenic resistance do as well.

Some other noteworthy features may include: higher than average AC, due to their exoskeletons, lower than average HP and maybe even some sort of innate radioactive abilities.

I know, it's a random idea (that's perhaps too similar to a Formicid), and its not very fleshed out either (I'm not good at balancing). But any thoughts, suggestions or hammerings of my idea are more than welcome, it's only semi-serious.
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Re: New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)

Landsknetch wrote:hence the Russian naming :D

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Re: New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)

snark alert:
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^ is that how much you'd have to drink to think this species is a good idea?

Serious critique: It's not too similar to Formicid. It IS too similar to Spriggan/Halfling. Also it's a terrible idea to have a race that gets unequivocally worse (slower move speed) as you level up. "Innate radioactive abilities" could be interesting as long as it's more than mutation resistance + Irradiate.
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Re: New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)


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Re: New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)

(Vine) S. T. A. L. K. E. R: Shadow of Chernobyl?

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Re: New Species: Таракан (Cockroach)

Oooh, Lore wise they could be results of the Plutonium Sword, which randomly generates mutant cockroaches!

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