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Post Tuesday, 24th August 2021, 01:39


After ~9k games over 13 years, I made use of a scroll of immolation today for the first time.

I guess I'm learning.
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Re: Immolation

In most my games, I never use immolation (except the first scroll by read-IDing). But they are very useful in Ice Cave end vaults.
I guess I should use them more, for example in Orc.
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Re: Immolation

Had a good result in a bailey recently. Packs of orcs next to each other with weak filler orcs surrounding the stronger ones. Just read and popped an ice blast wand and the scroll did the rest. Rinse and repeat for 3 or so chambers and it was cake.

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Re: Immolation

Also good in those lair vaults with ALL THE BEES in one rectangular room, or other tightly packed groupings. Also quite effective against TRJ, if you can damage it at range (lig/torment or spells) and then read immo and light the fuse. Quite often you don't even need to cancel out of lig when doing that.

Depending on the end vaults, it can also be useful in S branch endings. Especially the shoals vault that packs a ton of the more advanced merfolk into one room. Definitely worth carrying in case of opportunities.

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