New species: FooBar, Half-Foo

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New species: FooBar, Half-Foo

After choosing this, you get to pick <Foo> from existing species, and then you get to pick <Bar>.
If you pick the same species, you just play that species (menu simplification: do away with the regular species choice, just always pick <Foo> and <Bar>)
You always need to pick <Foo>, but can pick "none" for the second species to play a Half-<Foo> (see below)

Name: concatenation of <Prefix><Suffix>:
Species      Prefix          Suffix
Barachi      Bar             achi
Centaur      Cent            taur
Deep Dwarf   Dwa             arf
Deep Elf     El              elf
Demigod      Demi            god
Demonspawn   Demon           <Foo> Spawn  (e.g. Demon Kobold / Kobold Spawn)
Draconian    Draco           nian
Felid        Fe              lid
Formicid     Form            icid
Gargoyle     Gar             goyle
Ghoul        Ghoul           ghoul
Gnoll        Gnoll           gnoll
Halfling     Hob             ling  (see below for Half-Bar>
Hill Orc     Orc             orc
Human        Hum             an
Kobold       Ko              bold
Merfolk      Mer             folk
Minotaur     Mino            taur
Mummy        Mummy <Bar>     <Foo> Mummy
Naga         Na              ga
Octopode     Octo            pode
Ogre         Og              re
Spriggan     Sprig           gan
Tengu        Ten             gu
Troll        Tro             oll
Vampire      Vampire <Bar>   <Foo> Vampire
Vine Stalker Vine            <Foo> Stalker  (e.g. Vinelid / Felid Stalker)

Stats: Average of <Foo> and <Bar> stats, rounded towards <Foo>
Abilities: All those of both <Foo> and <Bar>
  • Opposite mutations are added together: a Sprigga is Fast 3+Slow 2 = Fast 1
  • Different levels take the one from <Foo>: a Centgan is Fast 2 but a Sprigtaur is Fast 3
Size: average of the two species, "rounded" towards <Foo>: a Feoll is small, but a Trolid is medium.
Aptitides: average of <Foo> and <Bar>, rounded towards <Foo>: a Vampire Mummy has -1 fighting, but a Mummy Vampire has 0 fighting.

Mummy Vampires/Vampire Mummies are always bloodless (can't drink blood)
Octofoos/Barpodes get to wear 5 rings

(The actual reason for this post, but then I got carried away into the stuff above)
Abilities/stats: Same as <Foo>, but encumbrance is calculated with strength/2 (you only have half to total body strength but wear a full-size armour)
Aptitudes: Half those of <Foo>, rounded away from zero (to preserve some variety from all the +1 aptitudes)

Same armour/weapon restrictions as <Foo>
Can only equip one ring at a time (except Quadpodes, who get to wear four)
Shields are always restricted, as are two-handed weapons (unless <Foo> can wield them single-handedly)
Evasion is calculated the same as <Foo>, but doubled before the final to-hit check.

Special species cases:
  • Half-Halflings are called Quartlings
  • Half-Octopodes are called Quadpodes, can wear four rings
  • Half-Barachi cannot move at all while -Hop (because every regular move is a small hop)

Special Ru cases:
  • Sacrifice Eye makes you permanently blind
  • Sacrifice Arm makes you unable to wield anything, throw anything, or evoke magical staves

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Re: New species: FooBar, Half-Foo

If you trim special cases, it would be a less fucked species than Felid, so I'd hope some dev add that.

I'd play it.
screw it I hate this character I'm gonna go melee Gastronok

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Re: New species: FooBar, Half-Foo

(I didn't notice this was Crazy Yiuf Corner and not a serious proposal)

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