rename slime pits

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rename slime pits

Do we really need two pits?

Since it's already (M), maybe Mutopolis.

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Re: rename slime pits

aaron wrote:Since it's already (M), maybe Mutopolis.

Mucopolis could also work with the basic nature of the residents. I'd probably still flash-see it as Jiyville, though.
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Re: rename slime pits

City of Jiyva wouldn't be bad, given that "The Pits of Slime used to be a thriving civilization, and Dissolution was the prophet of their god. When the city was overtaken by its current residents, only Dissolution survived, for they alone turned faithfully to the Slime God. Dissolution became a tremendous mass of acidic ooze, yet retained their intelligence. They are filled with hatred for anything that can hold a form."
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Re: rename slime pits

Mutopolis is pretty cute and descriptive.
I don't like unnecessary exposition.

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Re: rename slime pits

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