Post Thursday, 24th October 2019, 08:38

What if the Trog was a newly created god?

It is a pure assumption for fun. Trogs are very old, and because of them, the mechanism is close to the old one. What if there was no Trog so far and there was only an item called Wrath of Trog? What would he be like if you took an idea from that weapon and made him a new god? I guess it will look different from the current version.

Given the direction DCSS is heading now, I think he won't hate using magic. And no weapons will be presented. The function is in charge of Oka. I don't think he summons an ally. Because there are plenty of ally gods. Perhaps in anger, they will gain the power of antimagic. Also, according to a typical Berserker image, the ability to not die when they're angry comes into my head... But, This seems to be too powerful. I don't know anything else.

What do you think? What power would he have if you make him?