Post Monday, 8th April 2019, 07:31

New "God" idea or how to improve Demigods in a unique way

You come across an altar in the dungeon, but instead of a god, it is dedicated to an artefact rod. Infact it is the Rod of Zot. It has a round socket in it that could perhaps fit an orb in it. You could take it if you want, but the power emanating from it seems really strong, really tempting, but at the same time, really unnerwing. If you decide to risk it anyways (heck, you are in a dungeon filled with monsters already, why not go all in?) 2 major things happen.

First of all, you are transformed! You get significantly more powerfull and the potential of your power is increased. (As in, you'r powers will develope as you get experience) This transformation could be simply some random set of mutations, stat increases etc. You could start to gain stats more often on level up etc. You might increase in size. You might also completely transfrom in to the current "demigod" race, perhaps keeping your size and aptitudes. In any case, you become a demigod, either it takes your original race in to consideration or not.

Secondly, a spreading corruption starts. It starts to spread from the altar outwards, spreading eldrich or Zotian horrors in to the dungeon. It will slowly engulf each level, transforming the terrain and spawning increasingly more dangerous monsters. You should RUN! There is no way out anymore, the only direction is down. Your only hope is to get the orb and use it to fix your error. There is no knowing what monstrosities might eventually come out from the altar. (There could be an "end" boss waiting for the player when they are ascending with the orb. The spreading corruption should not force the player to speedrun, but it should discourage them to backtrack. Getting both lair branches done might force you to move through corrupted levels, especially if you do Slime.

The Rod it self could also be a usefull artefact with powers of it's own. It could for example change in to any weaponclass at will, becoming a powerfull melee or ranged weapon.