Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourney

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Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourney

Yea, while playing more casually than usual (only speedruns mostly) i still enjoyed the tournament a lot!

because DCSS community occassionally looks like negativity and arguements are overflowing, i'd like to say thanks to everyone contributing to the game in any form, and remind teh Devs there are a huge amount of players who enjoy this game a lot and then occassionally go to RANDM0DE because they care about this game... :P. but they enjoy!

sure helps to voice positive stuff too to balance this out.

DCSS kept me hooked for a long time now and i love the evolution overall!

sincerely, p0werm0de, the dude with 1,06% win rate

ofc i tried to live up to my Tavern-name and played this game to show everything is possible in crawl:

it only took me like 40 dead octopodes i think, so yea im not perfect but XOM

maybe others wanna show their favourite tournament game too? :)

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Re: Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourn

I'm so glad you actually got to record that game. Thanks!

Edit: Damn you started midway, what a pity
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Re: Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourn

Yeah! I've managed to get greatplayer, greaterplayer, and polytheist at this point, so DCSS is probably going on the back burner for a little while, but the tournament's always a ton of fun. I went into this tournament thinking "Okay, I've improved since last year, so my low bar is Gelatinous Body III and Explorer/Angel of Justice III, since I haven't made those work during a tournament yet. A Nemelex Choice and Spiteful III seem achievable, but I'll only go after them if I have time. Stretch goal is Slow and Steady, but I've only ever 2-streaked before, so that seems really out there." ... tonar.html

And I managed all of them! Always a good time, and who knows, maybe I'll stick around with DCSS long enough to see how far I can go on the streak...
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Re: Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourn

This was my first tournament (even though I've been playing offline for 6yrs of so) and I must say:
I'm so impressed with it all; the game, the tournament, the crawlers ...and most of all the dedicated dev team who makes it all possible!

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Re: Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourn

I may have my differences with the devs or whatever, but good job on hosting the tournament. It re-ignited my interest in crawl.

(Also, my clan got #1, so that's a plus)

maybe others wanna show their favourite tournament game too? :)

My favourite tourny game?

I guess this one : ... 172523.txt

It wasn't a win, but it was the first time I ever tried to realtime speedrun and I was pretty happy I got to Zot in about 40~ or so minutes. Of course, a big part of it is thanks to ManMan's sick RC file, and I still died but it showed me a new facet of the game that I hadn't seen before and got me playing outside my comfort zone.

I think you even recorded me getting my ass beat here : ...

That Zot:5 was bullshit tho
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Re: Thanks to everyone contributing to DCSS + the 0.22 tourn

Well, I am still not all that great after years. Despite having browsed posts about speedruns and ideal all sorts of things, it doesn't come naturally to me... I'm kinda happy I managed the typical two wins within two weeks. :lol:

I'm not even that much of a fan of this particular version theme, honestly (I just bypassed most of the ghosts in practice - not worth it with friends and a cage)...

But! I still really enjoy the game.

It's always fun to see some new vaults, scary though some are.
And the spell library is certainly a nice touch.
Saves much more room for all those randart rings later in the game, which I never can make up my mind about. :D
(To say nothing of skipping stash runs, which is probably more relevant.)

So thank you!
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