Help: Hints Mode feature I'd like add to my init/rc file

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Help: Hints Mode feature I'd like add to my init/rc file

In Hints Mode, when you're encountering a monster type for the first time, the monster name is shown like for Uniques.
But for every other occurrence of that monster type, the name isn't shown.

Is there a command or lua script I can add to my init.txt file to have this feature?
...since it could help me greatly in the later parts of the game.

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Re: Help: Hints Mode feature I'd like add to my init/rc file

From options_guide.txt :
tile_tag_pref = (none| named | enemy | tutorial )
        This option defaults to "enemy" normally and "tutorial" in tutorial
        modes. This setting determines which monsters receive text tag
            none     - turns off all tags.
            named    - shows names of all named monsters, ally or enemy
            enemy    - shows names of named enemy monsters
            tutorial - shows names of all monsters not yet killed this game
                       and of named enemy monsters
        Examples for named monsters are uniques and ghosts.

So setting
tile_tag_pref = tutorial

should do what you're trying to accomplish.
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