5 skill levels with one kill

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5 skill levels with one kill

You slash Pikel!
 You kill Pikel!
_Your Necromancy skill gained 5 levels and is now at level 5!

What's the record for most skill levels gained in a kill I wonder ?
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Re: 5 skill levels with one kill

Flashbacks of when Jester was briefly a joke backround that started with Nemelex (and cream pies), back when you sacrified items to Nemelex for gifts/piety/however it worked. I read of people sacrificing their bread ration on Turn 1, drawing a Card of Experience from the resulting deck gift, and gaining ~23 levels of evocations instantly.

Although technically, this isn't a kill. :33 But you could easily game that by picking a species with +5 in something (vampire/spriggan's stealth), leaving it at lv0, and then killing an endgame unique or something. Wizmode would make the result pretty easy to calculate...

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Re: 5 skill levels with one kill

If you have 0 in all skills, kill Cerebov, and put everything in stealth with a +5 aptitude, you get about 25.5 levels (there is some variance). This is not achievable in practice. The amount of exp required to get a skill point increases as you get skill exp, so the practical upper limit is going to be a lot lower.
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Re: 5 skill levels with one kill

When in meatsprint (ok this is cheating I know but bear with me), I'm pretty sure it's possible to get 2 skills up from 0 to 27 with a single kill, as monsters there are so stacked on HP and you already have an extreme multiplier for sprint mode.
I'm with tasonir on this one.

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Re: 5 skill levels with one kill

I'm not sure if this is still possible, but I used to startscum MfAK's with a spear, look for some deep water and use it to risklessly kill something tough before entering the dungeon. But I don't remember how many skill levels I'd get that way.

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Re: 5 skill levels with one kill

Today I drank a potion of experience at lvl4 and gained 3 skill levels in almost everything.

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