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[Question] Death's Door Expiry Message

PostPosted: Friday, 19th January 2018, 23:10
by sir_laser
How many aut/turns of invulnerability are left when Death's Door returns:
Your time is quickly running out!

I found this in duration-data.h , L270-276:
      LIGHTGREY, "DDoor",
      "death's door", "deaths door",
      "You are standing in death's doorway.", D_EXPIRES,
      {{ "Your life is in your own hands again!", []() {
            you.duration[DUR_DEATHS_DOOR_COOLDOWN] = random_range(10, 30);
      }}, { "Your time is quickly running out!", 5 }}, 10},

It was the only file which had the expiry message, but I am unsure what it exactly means. The time remaining on DDoor after the expiry message is not constant - either related to the duration of DDoor or is semi-random.

Posting here instead of Coding due to higher traffic.
Thank you.

Re: [Question] Death's Door Expiry Message

PostPosted: Saturday, 20th January 2018, 04:15
by CanOfWorms
from what I understand reading the code, the message occurs when the duration has 10 turns left, and the game removes 1d5 turns from the duration when the message is played so you have between 9 and 4 turns left before it expires