(Idea from dream) Ring of Largeness

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(Idea from dream) Ring of Largeness

I had a dream that there was a fixedart ring with {+Large EV-4} that turned you into a large race, with a corresponding evasion penalty. The effect of this was that when I put it on at my childhood swimming pool, I, as a human, became an ogre. That part is likely not very relevant. But the point is there should be a fixedart ring of largeness that gives you extra health, extra strength, and maybe like lower skill needed to remove SH penalty idk but at the cost of lower EV.

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Re: (Idea from dream) Ring of Largeness

Once upon a time, potion of treedom made you huge. Unintended results were that your kobold could suddenly wield an ogre club. And then could hold on to it when the potion expired.
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Re: (Idea from dream) Ring of Largeness

This game needs a squidcat as a playable species. Decafelid.

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