Wiki seems to be down

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Wiki seems to be down

Any URLS of individual pages at return 404. The home page has the Chaosforge logo and no Crawl content. 19:11 Zulu 1/5/18.
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Re: Wiki seems to be down

There is some talk about it on reddit and the devchat. It's possible that it is a side effect of the chaosforge website having been modified/revamped. The Wayback Machine may have pages.
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Re: Wiki seems to be down

Worth noting that if you click on "view source" it will still show the entire page's contents there. It's in markdown or whatever the wiki syntax is called, and certain things like following links is going to be much more of a pain, but you can read the pages if you really want to.

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Re: Wiki seems to be down

The cached pages from Google also work, if you find these more convenient.

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