Ascension Traditions?

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Halls Hopper

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Ascension Traditions?

Does anyone else have anything special they do during ascension/as a victory dance of sorts at the end of the game?

As soon as I grab the orb, I play this track on repeat while I book it to D:1. I love the simultaneous tension and excitement. Then, once I escape, I play this one to celebrate while I review the morgue.

Both songs are from Wayward Souls, a really good permadeath rpg by Rocketcat games.
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Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: Ascension Traditions?

I used to enjoy buffing up with all of my spells (Anyone else remember phase shift?), switching equipment, and quaffing might/agility/etc to try to get the highest AC/EV and have pretty morgues like these: ... 155739.txt (46 ac, 70 ev) 70 EV is easy to get on a felid, right? well... ... 034745.txt (44 ac, 66 ev) Here's 66 EV on a ogre. ... 163223.txt (44 ac, 63 ev) But that's just one morgue! Fine, 63 EV on a troll. ... 185823.txt (53 ac, 48 ev) Octopode with less EV but slightly more armor from rings.

I don't bother as much anymore, which saves me about 5-10 turns off my turncount, I suppose. Phase shift and stoneskin were removed anyways. I might still cast statue form just so I can have a record of roughly what my actual combat stats are, but that's about it.

Spider Stomper

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Re: Ascension Traditions?

Declare the last enemy you see between you and the exit as the final boss (usually a ufetubus)
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Snake Sneak

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Re: Ascension Traditions?

Vanguardan wrote:As soon as I grab the orb, I play this track on repeat while I book it to D:1.

Very disappointed that this wasn't Yakety Sax.

Shoals Surfer

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Re: Ascension Traditions?

Don't forget to (w)ield your snozzcumber after (q)uivering the orb~

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