Post Friday, 3rd November 2017, 09:58

If you see ads in Tavern

If you see ads while browsing the Tavern, and you are using Opera Mini, it's because the Opera publisher has decided that outdated versions of Opera should be bombed with interstitial ads. You can correct this by upgrading to the most recent version.

(When using the data saving mode, all content that reaches you is compressed through the Opera servers, so I guess that that is where the ads are added).
I Feel the Need--the Need for Beer
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3DsBeTr, 15DsFiRu, 3DsMoNe, 3FoHuGo, 3TrArOk, 3HOFEVe, 3MfGlOk, 4GrEEVe, 3BaIEChei, 3HuMoOka, 3MiWnQaz, 3VSFiAsh, 3DrTmMakh, 3DsCKXom, 3OgMoOka, 3NaFiOka, 3FoFiOka, 3MuFEVeh, 3CeHuOka, 3TrMoTSO, 3DEFESif