Post Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 20:07

Red Draconian Drawing


In case embedding is broken ... rmat=2500w

I think drawing went OK, but I seriously need to learn how to colour. In theory, one could also cut off the wings and turn it into a salamander :D

Done with Krita and Mischief (free version).
I Feel the Need--the Need for Beer
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3DsBeTr, 15DsFiRu, 3DsMoNe, 3FoHuGo, 3TrArOk, 3HOFEVe, 3MfGlOk, 4GrEEVe, 3BaIEChei, 3HuMoOka, 3MiWnQaz, 3VSFiAsh, 3DrTmMakh, 3DsCKXom, 3OgMoOka, 3NaFiOka, 3FoFiOka, 3MuFEVeh, 3CeHuOka, 3TrMoTSO, 3DEFESif

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