Remove Vp

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Remove Vp

Because VS is a better design for a vampire :P

Seriously, I think Vp is outvampired. VS has the vampire characters minus all the hassles. If a mutation-based species is needed, then maybe it's better to start thinking about a form and mutation based species, rather than a vampire species.
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Re: Remove Vp

I've done some vampire runs, and personally I love Vp dynamics. Satiation lvl management makes you able to adapt well to various situations. Kiku is obviously an advantage here, as you get on-demand food as well as spellbooks in Necro (which is a very strong spell-schools used properly, largely due to a few awesome spells like).

Typically, though, you should be running at the extremes (just my opinion, I'm sure others thing differently):

Vp at max satiation has great regen and can do moderately well in melee. Still, not your best form.

Vp Bloodless is inherently built to be a stealth-caster. Stab the daylights out of your enemies, and pair up that stabbing with Necromancy and Hexes for best damage output. Feel free to spam spells because you won't have any hunger issues.

Vampires are really odd to play to due to the satiation management, but if you get that under control they're quite fun and surprisingly useful.

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