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Unicode support in IPBT

PostPosted: Wednesday, 6th September 2017, 17:16
by damerell
A while ago Simon Tatham (the PuTTY author) wrote IPBT, a Unix tool for better playback of ttyrecs - it can pause, rewind, search, compress very long pauses in play, etc. This was very jolly for NetHack players, but it had no Unicode support, which is unfortunate because Crawl uses some Unicode.

I'm pleased to say, having gently pestered Simon about it, there is now a version with some Unicode support. Unfortunately it still doesn't do double-width characters (which means you're stuck if you play in Korean, etc), or characters outside the BMP (which means you're stuck if your nom du Crawl is a line of emoji) but for ordinary use in non-double-width languages it should be fine. I find it very useful for detailed analysis of what exactly happened in the turns leading up to a death.