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God of Beasts Concept

Werewolves come across here every now and then and I thought I'd do a take as a "god of beasts" which grants the worshiper "the blood of the beast". Mechanically the actual wolf form would be much like a Transmutation that uses Invocations instead of Transmutations, but this is little different than Qazlal's destructive explosions using Invo instead of Conjurations in practicality.

"Name": God of Beasts


  • Is a Temple god (no reason for it not to be).
  • Only accepts the worship of the living. (Similar flavor reasons to Fedhas; nature god doesn't want the unnatural; additional practical reasons to prevent undead Transmutations).
  • Piety from simply kills, most likely. (More complicated things tend to put flavor before practicality and I don't want that issue).

Passive Powers
  • Blood of the Beast - Your beastly blood allows you to resist poisons and heal more quickly. (rPois, Regen I)
  • Fur - Even in your normal form you begin to grow fur; thickness depends on piety (Small AC Boost, rC+)
  • Vicious Instincts - Similar to good god life-saving only; it heals you a piety dependent amount and grants Agility and Berserk.
  • Heart of the Hunt - You feel an intense desire for meat. Gourmand. (As this is a god source it would allow Spriggans to get around their Veganism).

Active Powers
  • ** Beast Form - Small Piety - You Transmute into a large wolf.
    • Melds all armour, except capes. Doesn't meld Jewelry.
    • +30% mHP, +20% mMP. Large Regen Boost to HP and MP.
    • Large UC Boost (Not using exact numbers at this time, but more than Claws/Spider Form, less than Blades generally).
    • Fast Movement 2.
    • 7 + (Invo/3) AC (Before Cloak/Rings). rC+ rPois
    • Duration and UC boost vary with Invocations skill.
  • *** - Hunter's Senses - Usable only in Beast Form - Small Piety - Invocations-Dependent Stealth Boost, detect monsters (On par with Antennae or Boots of the Assassin).
  • **** - Animal Allegiance - Medium Piety - Attempts to enslave nearby animals. HD vs. Invo check. (Animal as in the intelligence tier; doesn't work on Human Intelligence or Mindless creatures).
  • ***** - Feral Howl - Usable only in Beast Form - Medium/Large Piety - You create a very loud noise; enemies hearing the noise have an HD vs. Invo chance of being afraid of you. (Cause Fear that ignore MR, but is loud).
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