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Comboscores: Xom conduct for chaos knights

Starting a chaos knight and worshipping the unpredictable Xom is a special challenge.

Recently I saw several CK games on CXC server, Yermak being one of the players. Usually the players keep Xom - I think just because that's the main idea of a chaos knight.

One challenge is to get a chaos knight comboscore, e.g. Yermak got BaCK and HaCK highscores recently.

But: you can drop Xom as a CK and worship another god to get a CK comboscore quite easily (once you survived Xom's wrath). From a pure point of view, this seems to be some kind of cheating.

E.g. look at the actual "TrCK" highscore:

 1166 | Temple   | Entered the Ecumenical Temple
 1197 | Temple   | Fell from the grace of Xom
 1197 | Temple   | Became a worshipper of Cheibriados the Contemplative

I doubt any TrCK will be able to beat 27 k turns when he sticks to Xom.


In tournaments, there is the following rule:

tournament rules wrote:A game is won using [...] Xom if the player never worships another god.

This does not necessarily mean that you start as CK. But imo this rule is a step into the right direction.


Are there ideas to fix this problem? E.g., add an additional scoring page for "chaos knights of Xom", meaning they sticked to Xom all the time? Any other idea?

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