Amnesia God Brainstorm

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Amnesia God Brainstorm

Not a complete idea at all, just a brainstorm of themed powers around amnesia. Instead of being for a particular clear purpose, it's just unrelated themed powers that could be used together (like Fedhas).

  • Sudden Onset Amnesia - Active Power - Causes target monster to forget some of its spells (Priest or Wizard tagged abilities). Piety Cost scales with the HD of the target. (It will cantrip if it tries to cast a spell that it no longer knows).
  • Weakness Ignorance - Passive Power - What you don't know can't hurt you. - You can ignore weaknesses from Artifacts (they don't show up). Furthermore if you get to a negative resistance by any means; you ignore the extra damage (Unaware).
  • Oblivious Capabilities - Passive Power - You have far fewer than normal spell levels, but are much better at casting with the remaining spell levels. (could be bonus int or Archmage/Wizardry).
  • Predestined Denial - Passive Power - As you gain piety, you forget what various weapons are, but get increased Slaying and Apts. with the remaining types. (Ends with the player only being able to use two weapon types and Unarmed; Unarmed gets no boost).
    • For Flavor reasons; weapons you can no longer use appear as "Hammer" and Ammo you can't use appears as a useless unbranded dart.
      • Yes this will lead to such ridiculousness as "The orc warlord shoots it's hammer; the dart hits you!!!".
  • Philistine Blindness - Active Power - What you can't see can't hurt you. - Medium/High Piety Cost - You turn a blind eye to (direction) and temporarily limit your LoS to not include that direction. (Sets your LoS to one unit in a cone [3 movement directions, such as 789]).
  • Demential Destruction - Active Power - Very High Piety Cost - (Panic Ability) - After a delay you leave your current floor (going back to the downstairs you took to the floor). That floor is completely forgotten and when you go downstairs again it's a completely new floor. (If used in Pan this will not cause you to miss a unique floor).
  • Loss of Identity - Active Power - (Uses MR, low piety Cost) - Target animal intelligence or lower creature forgets what it even is, becoming mindless (zombie intelligence) losing all abilities and melee brands (Temporary status).
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Re: Amnesia God Brainstorm

I had a really good idea to add to this brainstorm, but I forgot what it was.

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Re: Amnesia God Brainstorm

Active abilities:

* Lesser amnesia: make a monster forget your position. Smite-targeted.
* Amnesia: make all monsters in LOS forget your position.
* Greater Amnesia: make all monsters on the level forget your position.

Here "forget your position" should be replaced by "forget where they are going", for monsters that are moving towards a noise. These may all be misconceived, I don't understand monster AI.

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Re: Amnesia God Brainstorm

Most of this I could take or leave, but I do think the idea of reduced spell levels in exchange for better casting is interesting. Specifically it'd have to be archmage, wizardry and int aren't really that powerful. Archmage and some bonus int could up your spell power even more, depending on how many spell levels you lose. You'd be pushed into learning only 2-3 spells of decent levels, which might be interesting. There are a lot of hybrids who can do well with a small list, when you aren't a full caster.

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