The Slime God needs some work

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The Slime God needs some work

I finally managed to play a long game with Jivvy. It is a very cool god, and really changes the way you play. However, it has some problems.

Problem # 1 is that it exceeds in messages. You keep getting a huge quantity of messages, about sounds, and sacrifices, and stuff, and even random communications from Jivvy. That's a lot of spam. You spend a lot of time handling the message log instead of playing. Part of the spam are the creatures looking at you suspiciously and then relaxing. That's nice the first time you read it, but it's bad when it's repeated for every slime in a slime pack, and actually isn't needed after the first time.

Problem # 2 is strictly related to the first one: it's hard to keep tabs on your mutations, because they are lost amidst a sea of messages. I only noticed horns and beak because I opened the inventory and saw that my helmet was off. Same for boots and talons.

Problem # 3 is that you can't directly hit shapeshifters that turned themselves into Jivvy's minions, even though they will attack you. I solved this problem by using an axe and ctrl+arrow in a direction different from their position to indirectly kill them with cleaving. This is of course very silly, and Jivvy should be able to tell true slimes from impostors!

Problem # 4 is a special case of # 3. Shapeshifters in certain forms (I have tested this with shining eye and eye of draining) can eat stuff like items and doors, but only if you worship Jivvy.

Problem # 5 is that it is very resource intensive for the computer. I don't know why it happened, but I occasionally had very heavy lag. I never had this kind of problem before; I play locally, not online.

Otherwise, this is a really cool god that makes the game very different, and leaner and varied at the same time. You don't have to think too much about inventory management: or, to be clearer, you make fewer, but more relevant choices. You also don't need to eat, and you get a free rune, and all of these factors make the game faster.
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Re: The Slime God needs some work

My very limited experience with Jiyva tells me you basically get Slimify at a significant cost of losing a lot of consumables and gear, and the stat shuffling is incredibly obnoxious, which makes him one of the worse gods in the game IMO.

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