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Veil god

PostPosted: Tuesday, 20th September 2016, 19:11
by VeryAngryFelid
Inspired by another rogue-like where it is possible to have multiple veils (automatic counter-attack when enemy hits you) with different effects.

You should make a decision if you want to get the best effects from AC, EV or SH.

- Divine riposte, passive. You have (1 + Piety/20)% chance to counterattack when you are hit.
* Stun veil, passive, stacks with other veils. You have (1 + Piety/20)% chance to make monster skip next action (stun in other games) when the monster is punished:
Upon reaching * piety you get a one-time ability and should select one of
a) Punish monster when it hits you and your AC reduces damage to 0
b) Punish monster when it misses you
c) Punish monster when you block its attack, all your "veil" abilities have twice as high chance to work (to compensate the fact that SH is less useful than AC/EV vs multiple monsters).
** Accuracy veil, activated, 1-2 piety, gives 20-30 turns of Accuracy veil. Divine riposte never misses.
*** Blink veil, activated, 2-3 piety, gives 20-30 turns of Blink veil. Punished monster blinks (can blink out of PC view). (1 + Piety/20)% chance
**** Slowness veil, activated, 4-6 piety, gives 20-30 turns of Slowness veil. Punished monster is slowed for 8-12 turns. (1 + Piety/20)% chance
***** Confusion veil, activated, 6-9 piety, gives 20-30 turns of Confusion veil. Punished monster is confused for 4-6 turns. (1 + Piety/20)% chance
****** Enslavement veil, activated, 10-15 piety, gives 20-30 turns of Enslave veil. Punished monster is enslaved for 4-6 turns. (1 + Piety/20)% chance

Only one veil can be active at a time (in addition to Divine Riposte which is a passive and Stun veil which is passive too and stacks with other veils). For example, activating Enslavement veil while Blink veil is active instantly ends Blink veil.
Player is expected to use different veils in different situations, unlike Bend time it works with ranged attackers too.
It is one of a few gods who does not mind fighting multiple monsters at once after reaching ***** (Confusion veil and Enslavement veil) unless you selected c) option to trigger punishment on SH blocks, in this case it is still better to fight one on one I think.

Re: Veil god

PostPosted: Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 04:56
by ydeve
It feels like it's stepping on Ru's toes a little.

Re: Veil god

PostPosted: Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 15:15
by fearitself
Sounds fun to me. I would play it.

Re: Veil god

PostPosted: Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 15:54
by VeryAngryFelid
Yes, fun is main inspiration here. In that roguelike I was sometimes just passing turns to longer enjoy seeing how monsters die after hitting me (multiple veils are possible in that game, so monsters could get poisoned, electrocuted, sticky-flamed, stunned, charmed etc. from a single hit if you are very lucky).
In my suggestion I removed multiple veils as overpowered and you don't even need to be hit if you choose so, and trying to maximize AC or EV could lead to unusual gear. Also I added some activated abilities to make the play more full of decision-making.