Bring back some flavour to our food!

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Bring back some flavour to our food!

I really like the new food-handling in crawl.

Until I walked into a beehive after killing all the bees, and saw lying around: a sausage, a cheese, a bread, a banana, and a snozzcumber. Fine, they all got mushed into featureless rations in my inventory, and this is as it should be, but I really only expect honeycombs lying around in a beehive. Is it so hard to program that food at least looks like the food we expect in a certain place?

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Re: Bring back some flavour to our food!

Patches welcome! My initial food tile commit has an example of how to specify a food tile by name.

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Re: Bring back some flavour to our food!

Pizzeria confirmed.
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Re: Bring back some flavour to our food!

New deity: The Iconofriar (name subject to better ideas).

This one has two abilities at * and **, one of which is purely cosmetic. It does colorful things (including making pizza), but with bigger abilities potentially spends piety fast like, say Qazlal.

* Icontweak (1 MP)
Cosmetic ability.
Gain the ability to change any non-statistical icon on the map to another of its type, one per turn (pop-up menus for all the possible food icons when you zap a ration on the floor, can change the style of walls within limits of how much menu we can fit on the screen provided the properties of the new icon are no different from the previous one, etc.)

Also at *, some utility: Look Underdere (1 MP)
Gain the ability to see otherwise obscured, stacked items by simply scrying the square from anywhere in normal viewing range. (You no longer have to go there to get a list of what "something is lying underneath it").

** Tweaksmore (3 MP, hunger)
Cosmetic ability.
Same as the cosmetic Icontweak change in *, but changes all visible icons of the given type into one other icon with no differing stats. So now you can make all the rations you see into cheese at once. Or all the brown stone walls into pretty purple ones, or whatever.

**: MoahDecor (3 MP, hunger, Breath and no recasting while debuffed)
Invocations-based chance to generate a temporary new stationary dungeon feature, initially strongly biased toward non-damaging and neutral features and strongly biased toward placement in the middle of wide open areas. Apart from that overall bias, the base for placement of these items is ranged similar to Blink or perhaps Portal of G. (Precise location of the feature is not chosen by the player). Typical low-power features would include single tile pools of shallow water, weak bushes, a tile of transparent rock, or an empty fountain. At very high power, there is some chance of features that take up more than one square or have more interactive properties, such as a handful of squares of Slime Pits acid or a temporary teleport trap.

*** UrUgly (3 HP, hunger, piety)
Player is knocked back 1-2 squares directly away from target creature (warning: some added damage if hitting obstacles). Target creature is either covered in a short-duration cloud, somewhat similar to Qazlal clouds, or struck with another status effect. Power and radius of the cloud increases with Invocations. Low power results may be corona, rain, smoke, steam or even just shallow water. Mid power brings mephitic or Slow status, or a small chance of either Sticky flame or Inner Flame effect, etc. Higher power may produce strong Sticky Flame, all the other damaging elemental bursts, or Weak or Drain.... In addition, any intelligent creatures within a few squares of the target check MR or attack the target creature for up to a few turns (at high power this may mean they remain longer inside clouds emanating from the target).

**** Makeover (5 MP, hunger, peity)
Invocations-based chance to temporarily polymorph almost any monster. Caveat: Monsters do not drop any gear due to polymorphing, although they might not be capable of using all their gear while so morphed. Does not count as killing the monster, as usual, unless you kill the poly'd form too. After the duration (determined by Invocations) has expired, monsters return to their usual form and may instantly return to using any gear they had previously held. More likely to succeed at high Invocations than other polymorph attacks, but also more likely to bump the monster so morphed to a higher HD.

***** Reforge item (8 MP, lots of hunger, lots of peity)
Invocations-based chance to bump an unknown, still on the floor as you initially found it grey or blue weapon or armor item up or down one class. There is a chance with any reforging, that any currently enchanted (blue) weapon or armor will lose between 1 and (rarely) 3 pluses, with increasing chance of this happening at high failure rate/lower invocations. This ability only works on items that have never been picked up before, because it relies on altering them before grubby adventurer appendages have ever touched them. For example, you may reforge a dagger into a quick blade or short sword, or a long sword into scimitar. You could change ring mail into scale mail or vice versa. However, you may not change the weapon type (no long blades to short blades or anything else). You cannot change two-handed items to single-handed or vice versa. You also cannot change mail armors into dragon scales or vice versa. If and only if you are a species that cannot use an armor or weapon targeted, there is a chance that using this ability may transmute the item into a random likewise grey or blue item which is usable by your species.

****** Redraw Level (12 MP, hunger, resets piety to zero)
Re-rolls and reinvents most terrain of the current level of the branch you are on, with these caveats: The monster and item populations are unaffected, although they will be redistributed with new positions to inhabit the new terrain. The player will be instantly teleported to a new location within the redrawn map as well. Vault types are unchanged, so the relative location of vaults within the level will often change, but the vault itself will still be there somewhere with the same challenges (and if it is designed to take up half the level, then it still does). This also removes all benefit of any previously used Magic Mapping (although you can use another normally to map the new configuration, if you have one).
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Re: Bring back some flavour to our food!

I think this deity is a bit on the weak side. This could be fixed by having a capstone ability that delivers a real-life pizza once during a game to the real-life location of the player. With an invocations value of minimum 15 you can even determine the flavour of the pizza. That would attract some crowds playing this deity, I'm sure...

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