##crawl Postquell announcement bot survey

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Opinion on Postquell announcer bot

I don't use ##crawl
I use ##crawl but have Postquell muted
Postquell is too spammy
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Postquell filters are good as they are
Postquell doesn't announce enough
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Snake Sneak

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Post Sunday, 12th August 2018, 04:39

##crawl Postquell announcement bot survey

Hi all, I want to do a survey of ##crawl users on my announcement bot, Postquell. It's a bit hard to conduct surveys in an irc channel so I hope there is a good overlap with users here.

Suggestions of which milestones are most relevant to announce are also welcome. Since the start of the tourney I have made Postquell's filters a lot stricter to reduce the level of spam, as of writing this post it will announce:
1. Winning
2. First rune found (per game)
3. Deaths with at least 1 rune
4. Finding the Orb
5. ziggurat levels 14, 21, 27 and exit

Which has reduced it to roughly an announcement every few minutes.

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: ##crawl Postquell announcement bot survey

I could do without the rune announcements, they're by far the most common and it's always a Lair rune. The early ziggurat exit announcements are also a bit weird, nobody's going to go spectate someone because they left a zig at level 9. Overall I think the filter is very good though.

Tartarus Sorceror

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Re: ##crawl Postquell announcement bot survey

If you want to announce things that are spectate-worthy, maybe announce when a player is almost dead. Then people might spectate to try to save them. Maybe if the player just dropped below 20% HP at XL>10. To cut down on spam you could only report the first two times that happens in any game, and only report at most once per thousand turns.
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Halls Hopper

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Post Thursday, 16th August 2018, 18:50

Re: ##crawl Postquell announcement bot survey

Unfortunately, that does not currently generate a dgl milestone. Only things that show up in the !lm command can be filtered for or against.

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